questionswhat's the greatest obstacle you've overcome in…


this sounds like an interview question. am i being interviewed???



@carl669: Funny!

I'm open to suggestions for more questions that I can ask to help get me banned (I won't post anything vulgar). I thought this was a decent question. I'm also trying to ask questions that might make it popular in the hopes that I will become more of a nuisance, so I definitely want to ask questions that will garner interest and participation.


@thepenrod: I support asking questions to "take back 'Ask the Wooters'" knowing that it may result in a ban. I'm not too keen on asking with the intent to get banned. Still, you get my upvotes.


My first professional hit was a real mess, I had to shoot the guy like 4 times. After that I almost quit, but thankfully my parents were so supportive. They encouraged me to persevere, and now I am a crack shot. Now I can't believe I almost went into philosophy instead.


@chris12345: I know. I've thought about that. I've decided that if I keep it positive, clean, and get high participation (much like it used to be) then I'm adding to ATC even if they don't agree.


@thepenrod: I think you should ask a question about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting everyone. :-)


My greatest obstacle is ongoing. Chronic depression/immaturity/personality disorders that dont stop me from being a decent person perhaps but do factor into years of poor decisions.

I overcome these in part but simply struggling over the decades to be more honest with myself. Also v important to trust and connect to the right people. And for problems that are always there, never quit. Every day is a balance of the temp failure, the ongoing, the completed.


@thepenrod: your discontent is a boon. Thanks.


@chris12345: It goes beyond that. He's trying to prove that his off-topic questions are only being deleted when they conflict with a specific agenda, and not the FAQ reason of it being non-deal. And so far he's having great success at this. Only particularly mediocre questions are deleted.


Just FYI, I had a question deleted yesterday and it was, surprisingly, a pretty positive experience. I had searched recent posts for a question about the current Wootizen BOC exchange and had not found one asking folks to post what they received. Turns out I had missed one that had just been posted. Oops! The first I knew of it was when I received an email of a post from TT advising me that my question would be deleted within 15 minutes as it was a dupe, and providing me with a link to the earlier post on that topic. WOW! I don't believe I've ever received an explanation before. I sent a PM to TT and she responded as follows:

"Since we're clearing out duplicates and repetitive posts (where's my order?), I try to post a message first and that fires off an email to the OP."

It will make me extremely happy if the mods make it a regular practice of letting us know why something is deleted.


My husband dropped dead one day, 15 years ago. He left me with a 6 year old, a mother months away from dying of cancer, a home to keep up, and no life insurance. My mother passed away nine months later. I had no other family, and few true friends. 15 years later, I have a great kid who's doing well in college, and has never given me the least bit of trouble. I have a good job and am able to provide for myself and my daughter without outside help. I thankful that I've never had to take a dime of public assistance. I'm most thankful to my husband. Strangely enough, he taught me to do so many things while we were together, it was almost like he knew it would happen. I can fix a roof, change my own oil and brakes, do any plumbing repairs, and run a household budget. I seldom stress. I figure, I know what bad is, and most things that happen really aren't. I've learned to deal with things as they come, appreciate that I get to experience aging, and embrace every day.