questionsa fishy question: can i safely eat fish again?



And you can start with the one sitting on top of your head.


I honestly do not know if it's safe for you to eat fish. Knew a person who was allergic to shellfish. Not good. Horrid reactions to it.

If tuna's okay (and it IS fish), perhaps you could try other non-shell fish. Salmon, catfish, perch, crappie, etc.

Best of is so good! Tasty, too. You may check w/your doctor. Or not.


@gmwhit: I think I will ask my doctor. I should probably have a blood test done to see if the allergen can be pinpointed. But I think those can get kind of expensive.

I know I can eat shellfish just fine, but I do want to get back to eating regular fish.

Admittedly I was rather biased back then. I used to hate fish and only ate it because I had to or because it was Lent. Now I want to get back into eating fish. Sometimes a restaurant prepares it in a way that is just incredibly appetizing.

Sidebar: It is quite interesting how my tastes have changed in nearly two decades. I'm eating foods I never thought I would like (for instance, asparagus, I used to hate it and now I enjoy it, especially baked).


@thetexastwister: I suggest asking your doctor and possibly getting tested. Your HMO will sometimes cover that sort of thing, so it's worth checking out.


Funny, I was just reading this article on mislabeled fish last week. Kinda scary.


I would check with your doctor but many people who are allergic to "fish" really have an iodine allergy.


I used to be allergic to plenty of things as a kid and I'm no longer allergic to them. That's fairly normal.

The people talking about shellfish etc. allergies are talking about people who have their throats close up and such -- them's the serious consequences. Getting hives, though annoying, isn't anything really threatening. Give it a shot if you want fish back in your life.


May I ask a shellfish allergy related question?

The last two times I have eaten King Crab legs (2 years apart) I have experienced vomiting. Would that be considered an allergic reaction, or do I just have bad luck in getting contaminated seafood?


Also keep in mind if you are unable to eat fish you can always get supplements to make up for anything you aren't getting in your diet. Is salmon better for you then an omega 3 pill? Yes! But if you don't have that option at least you can get something into your diet.


I have a fish allergy and like you, was previously able to eat fish just fine. My reaction is mostly hives, but I have had my airways swell a bit before. I tend to err on the side of caution. Better to just cut fish from my diet completely than risk a serious reaction. I've had reactions from even small amounts of cross contamination from going to a restaurant where fish was fried in the same oil as french fries. I'm also unable to eat Worcestershire sauce because it contains anchovies. I do recall reading a while back that some people are less sensitive to freshwater fish than saltwater, or vice versa. You could always look into that.

The one exception I make for my fish allergies is miso soup. I just love the stuff and the temptation is too great whenever I eat Japanese. I just eat it slowly and try to be aware of any adverse reactions as I go. Sometimes I have to stop after a bite or two, others I can eat the entire bowl. I guess it depends on what the chef puts in it.


@purplefeather: Thanks so much for the link, that was good info! I have dearly loved crab legs for many years, and I am very sad to think that I may have developed an allergy to them. However, the vomiting has seriously reduced my craving.


Be aware that if you get tested and are told that you are actually allergic to only certain species you may still be screwed. Search google for mislabeled fish and you will find lots of stories like the link below where restaurants and grocery stores sell fish that is a totally different species than how it is labeled.


@scmtim: You may be right. Shark meat is often substituted for swordfish, as they can taste similar.

If you are allergic to seafood, you have to check some surprising things. I had to start taking vegan multivitamins after the ordinary ones I bought at the drugstore made me sick. Turns out that they use fish oil to provide the omega-3. It's a bit annoying since the vegan stuff is also really lacking in calcium and iron, so I have to take extra supplements to get those.

@hot72chev: Yeah, throwing up doesn't really do much to encourage cravings for a particular food. People ask me how I can stand to not eat seafood anymore, and I just tell them that my body has learned to hate so much as the smell of fish now. I don't even allow anyone else in the house to have fish, it makes me feel so bad.


I have heard that if you have a shellfish allergy, you must avoid Glucosamine Supplements.