questionswhat brand towel is the softest you've ever used?


I'm in the market for the softest towels ever as well! I just moved out of my parents and realized I have like three beach towels and two other brightly colored random towels...


The Home Source microcotton towels that home.woot sells once in a while are really soft. I'm not much of a towel connoisseur, but they're a lot softer than any other towel I've owned.


That would be my Christy towels made with cotton and silk

How to soften towels:
1. Wash them separately (as in: just a load of towels; not one towel at a time!) with baking soda or borax, with no detergent and no fabric softener
2. Make sure they rinse completely (use a second rinse if your washer does that) with a cup of white vinegar in place of fabric softener.
3. Shake them out before putting them in the dryer. Use a set of dryer balls if you have them. Dry them on medium or low heat setting - it takes longer, but gives them more time to fluff up.


I have some Ralph Lauren towels, really soft. Love 'em.


@adadavis: "Dry them on medium or low heat setting"

If I could ever get my wife to listen on this, I would be thankful. High heat so it only takes one cycle ... :(


you know after so many years of using towels i finally realized that towels are double sided . one side is softer and one side is more rough . i just figured this out and am not sure if all towels are the same , but after testing out a few different towels , they are most certain double sided .