questionsdid you see that shirt woot is having a woot off?


@narfcake: Thanks for the spot. I tattled to the mods to change the question to "Does a shirt.woot wootoff mean the death of the random sale?". This way it is a different question and keeps me from trying to highjack the other thread since I am really asking more about a change in sales than about the shirt.woot wootoff.


@wisenekt: That would be covered in this question, here:

I'm still waiting for that first exciting thing to show up in the woot off. Then again, I'm not checking very much (or very often, or with much hope).

So it goes.


@shrdlu: I thought the shirt/game combo was daring. Saying the game new is 60 right now. Then just earlier they did a PS3 bundle with shirt for 100. So yeah I am surprised by the "shirt off" as Tom calls it.