questionshow should i reward myself for meeting my new…


The obvious response would be to buy a woot shirt.


Congrats on meeting your resolution, though.

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Um, you definitely haven't gone 30 days without buying a woot shirt.

Thirty days without buying a shirt from woot is not the same as thirty days without buying a woot shirt. :)


Go shirtless for a month?

(Don't know why I think you're a 'he')


Congrats. I'm sending you a virtual beer.


What I would do:

Make a second account, and when the next random shirt day happens, go in for three on both accounts. That way I'd be essentially getting a shirt for every month that I missed. And they're random ones so it's more fun :3


@neuropsychosocial: While the designs were previously in a Woot derby, it's no longer a Woot shirt when it prints at GoodJoe, now, is it? And I haven't finalized the terms on buying a fellow Wooter's collection yet either, so that shouldn't count either, right?

@dmaz: My "twin" already helps me buy three on random days, although 9 in a day doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. ^_^


@narfcake: I recall receiving orders to shut up about "technicalities," so I have no idea what you're talking about. However, I can't figure out how you twisted this around to get an UnNinja out of me!

Nine randoms? Amateur. @cowboydann and I are each getting fifteen.