questionswould you consider this double dipping?


Please post a list of the holiday parties you are attending.

Thanks...from all of us.



It's not technically double dipping but it's not something I would do in company other than my close family.

Generally, imo, once something has been in your mouth it shouldn't make contact with any shared dip, sauce, etc. While your idea makes sense practically, it's hard for the naked eye of someone you're with to tell whether the "bitten" side is making contact with the dip. Besides, it's hard for you as the "biter" to know exactly where your mouth made contact with the item in question. And some people will just associate it with double dipping and find it off-putting.

Unless it's something very long like a pretzel rod, I wouldn't do it.


I would do it... when I can get away with it, but it does get odd looks, so I don't generally. Unless I want all of the dip to myself, then I go ahead and double dip in the open and it's all mine!

(ok, that last sentence was a joke)


For the life of me, I can not figure out how you can do that without touching both ends of the carrot.
When I think dipping carrots, I think baby carrots, about 2" long.
You pick up with end A, and dip end B. Eat end B.
Flip it around and dip end A. But you already touched that end?

How do you do it?!?


My method: The original dip should contain enough dip to sufficiently supply the object you are dipping. As I am eating it, I flip the dipped side to the bottom, and spread the dip to the entire object with my tongue as it enters my mouth, consuming the entire object in one bite, then chew. If said object is too big to be eaten in one bite, put some dip on a plate with some items and walk away.


That's something I might do in my own home, with just my immediate family, but otherwise I think it would earn you looks, as others have said above.

In a pinch, you could use the break-and-dip method--break the carrot stick in half and dip the broken end, but I find that generally parties have little plates available, so you can put some dip on your plate, then use whatever method you prefer, including licking the dip directly off the plate. Okay, maybe not that.


Pro tip: Bring a spoon and plop some dip on your own plate. That dollop of dip is now yours to double or even triple dip as you please.


@craigster38: Agreed. It can't work, at least not with something so small.


My answer is to just break things in half.

And does it really matter if it "counts" as double dipping if others think it is? It's about perception if you don't want to be perceived as a double dipper, stop trying to find loopholes in the rules.


Grab the thing in the middle and do both dips up-front. If you're lucky, you can maneuver both bites without getting dip all over your fingers. You get your double dip, and nobody's paranoid.


I'm more of a "reach around" kinda guy


I agree with the above posters - you may be technically clear of the double, but it doesn't look right.

Now, I don't get the stressing on double dipping? Picture this, someone picks up a chip/carrot/etc, dips, then brings the food to their mouth. The odds of someone doing this multiple times without touching their finger(s) to their mouth are low. Then, they put those mouth-moistened fingers back in the chips/carrots/etc to pick up the next morsel. Thus contaminating everything. But Heaven help them if they double dip.


Just get a small plate or bowl, put in some dip and double dip until your heart's content.


Not double dipping. I think the whole double dipping phobia is overblown, anyway. Unless you are vigorously swirling whatever you're "double dipping" (let's say a carrot) around in the dip, there is really no chance that the tiny amount of saliva on the carrot is going to get in the dip. It just isn't going to happen. The dip that directly contacts the carrot surface is going to stick to the carrot and encase whatever is on the carrot. No harm done. I guess if you drooled all over the carrot, my theory wouldn't hold up. But no one does that! Sorry, but "double dipping" does not bother me. Of course, I would never do it in public or with anyone other than family or close friends, but it's overblown. Everyone relax.


Yep, it sure is. Your nasty fingers and their nasty germs are now being dunked into the communal bowl of dip. Blech.

And everyone who says they break the carrot or whatever in half: you're doing the same thing. Germy fingers make for germy carrot halves, which are then poked into the bowl of dip. No.

One food item, one dip. Period.


Still counts as double dipping in my eyes. I love my ranch as much as the next guy, but I would hold off on this method at parties.


This thread is filled with germophobes, and possibly hypochondriacs.


@shinespark: My mouse cursor touched your post, I have to go wash it now.


Do not do that Double Dip thing.
You are touching the item, I do not care how careful you are,
you breathe on the item,
there is potential splash from the bite.
After a few drinks (assuming you drink at parties), how careful are you?
Seems like your group, who witnessed the action, thinks it is double dipping, technically the term double dipping is wrong, perhaps you created a new taboo, call it what you want. If you have a catchy last name or nickname continue to do it and name it. (for example if your name was Keith Dudemister, from scurbs, you could call it the Dudemister dip) Then someday you will hear, "o'crap there is a Dudemister dipper in the house" and there will be plenty of dip left over after the party.

germophobes, Yes!
hypochondriacs, Never. I missed 1 day of work for sickness in +10 years.
Wow after typing maybe being a germophobes is not bad.
@rh48: I seen that ep. You could argue some hands are dirtier, then Jamie and Adams.
@jumbowoot: All told?


@caffeine_dude: Ew, anyone splashing whilst biting is not invited to any party of mine.