questionswhat do you think of amazon's new phone?


Haven't done too much research, but I'll be interested to see how it goes. Doesn't seem like there's anything that innovative about it, other than the 3D camera and object recognition. At $199 though the price is pretty competitive, and it does come with Prime (which I already paid for this year, sigh).

Here's another link I found with some good info.


I saw it and was thinking the same since my iPhone sucks now with iOS7. I saw one comment in an article which said something to the effect that it will be like all Android phones in 2 years, outdated, slow and I forget what else. Also, a contract with ATT is over $100/month vs $30/month with Virgin Mobile.


As nice as the phone looks with the cool 3D look, I'd be hesitant to buy one just because it's from Amazon.

Amazon creates their own version of a tablet. The most popular one is the Kindle Fire. It's supposedly an Android compatible tablet but they purposely hacked the OS to remove several important API's. One thing they remove is the ability to get to the Google Play Store. You must use the Amazon store to purchase your apps. Some apps that are free on Google Play, are not free on the Amazon play store.

When I look at the negative reviews of many apps, it seems the #1 complaint people have when giving an app a 1-star review is that it doesn't work with their Kindle Fire. That's too bad because if that happens with their flagship tablet, what can I expect from their phone?


@cengland0: That issue of apps not working on Amazon's Fire HDX was the first thing that came to my mind as I read reviews for the Fire phone yesterday.

The second thing was that using that phone would turn me into another of Amazon's assets -- the amount of Big Data that can be collected through their "feature" of object recognition and one-click purchasing is more than I want to give any company willingly.

Other than the 3-D thing (which I'd love to play with for a while) the phone itself doesn't seem all that great, and for a lot of people the AT&T requirement will be a deal killer.


The 3d thing just seems like it will waste a lot of battery life, and as others have said, ATT makes it a non-starter.


Apparently it doesn't have a 3-D camera since there is only a single lens on the front and back. It uses "Dynamic Perspective" via 4 infrared sensors that follow your head movement to alter your viewing angle perspective. Kinda like simulated 3-D. Looks pretty cool though.

Also, I do own an older, REAL 3-D camera / phone (HTC EVO 3D) that takes great 3-D pics & videos. You can view them in 3-D on the phone or export them.


At that price, just like any phone or tablet, if it can't be rooted to my liking, I'd pass.


This phone is just a tool to try and sell you Amazon products.


I think it's very cool! But i will stick to iPhone :)


I don't know who would buy a high end priced phone that is locked into Amazon and will NEVER get updates. Especially when you can get an unlocked version of many Android devices for the same price. Or an iPhone for the same price.


I looked carefully at Amazon's phone. For a buck-ninety-nine, it's a fine phone.

But AT&T makes it a deal-killer for us. We are recovering AT&T customers and I just can't abide their crappy coverage (in Richmond, VA) and their high prices.

We switched carriers a while back and our "family plan" now costs about half what AT&T gouged us.


@zuiquan: Agreed...Not a fan of AT&T at all. Had them once. Too many dropped calls and no reception when I needed it.


I am really intrigued by the new phone, but am hesitant due to difference in app availability on amazon os.