questionsanyone have problems ordering from


Yes, I bit on the GoW III deal about a month ago:

I paid with a credit card via PayPal and got a receipt (and it was charged), but that was the last I heard. Last week I tried to contact the seller, Scott Hazaert, and got no response. I attempted to contact Quipro via their contact form (no email or phone info) and also got no response. I initiated a dispute with PayPal and I'm awaiting the outcome.

How did you pay? I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think you have 45 days to dispute a charge with PP so you might want to try that if you've already attempted contacting the seller(s).


@chienandalusia: in many instances you can also go around PayPal by disputing the charge directly with your credit card company (if, of course, that was the ultimate source of payment). Several years ago there was a rumor that PP would kill your account if you circumvented them, so I would avoid that route unless you get no satisfaction from PP at all. In over 800 purchases made through PayPal over 12 years I've only had to dispute two, and they were great to work with.


I had the exact same problem when buying the Wii deal Quirpo offered over a month ago. I contacted Quirpo via their contact form. I received no response at all. Emailed Scott Hazaert also. No response. Have not found a phone number to contact Quirpo yet, but... Screw it. I'm going to dispute this with PayPal and not do business with Quirpo again, or at least not until they clean up their act. I initally found this deal through Woot needs to seriously reconsider doing business with Quirpo.


i had a transaction with them from a while back that never completed via paypal. seems that quirpo is not going to happen...


Was a major issue with paypal. It seems that paypal would not support our main business (selling local or vouchers...said it violates their terms). So they stuck our company in a sticky situation.....with customers not happy, and us looking like fools. We are working with paypal to refund anyone that was affected by this.....and all refunds should be completed over the next few weeks at most.
We are actually speaking with lawyers about how paypal disrupted our business and made us look bad. We will never recommend them to any business owner...ever!


I just had some problems with a site called Bidealio, but the charge went to Quirpo. Here's the Woot Community thread:

I got my money back by contacting google wallet, google said that Quirpo was no longer allowed to process transactions through them and refunded my credit card.