questionsdo good things really happen to good people?


Two of the best three people I have known in my life have lived lives filled with a whole lot grief, more than any person should have to endure. So my initial reaction to your question is no, good things don't really happen to good people.

But then when I sit and think about it, I wonder if the hardships they have endured have helped them be the wonderful and strong people they are (in one case were, RIP)....


Not in my experience. I've always prided myself on being a good person, I tend to put others before myself. Bad things happen to me more often than good things do.

It's just all bad luck. It seems to come in waves, but I'm still going to say no. Most of the good people I know always need to fight for anything good that comes their way.


Things happen for unknown reasons whether just bad luck or "something" behind them.

To avoid any religion clashes, just be happy you are not the one that is running things if things had to be run by something.


It's all in the eyes of the beholder.
What do you consider "good"? Some people would be happy that they wake up in the morning. Is that a good thing? Some people would be happy that they can afford a nice place to live. Some people wouldn't consider either of these things good or bad, just indifferent.
I think that since I've been able to purchase a decent house, and find a good job, and provide for my loved ones, good things do happen to me. And I like to consider myself a good person =P
Don't forget to take into account all of the little things that happen that make your day.


I'm probably not going to phrase this right because I am dumb and inarticulate, but I think a lot depends on how we think of "good" and "bad." And I'm not suggesting for a moment there's any question about whether something like terminal cancer happening to a loved one is a bad thing, that's not what I mean.

I guess it's just so much easier to identify the big, singular bad things that happen than to recognize all of the little, daily good things that happen. The big things are so overwhelming that sometime it's hard to see around them. And sometimes the bad things are losses of something good--if we'd never had the good thing, we wouldn't feel the loss.

And really, I don't think it has much to do with being good people. Where the good people/bad people thing comes in is in how we react to what we're given to deal with.

I no make sense. No talk good.


It depends what your definition of good is I suppose.


Let me turn this around a bit. It kind of goes to what others have said about what defines "good things" or "bad things"
What do you think a "bad" person would do when faced with a similar situation?
e.g. "Oh no, my wife has terminal cancer, I will divorce her and find someone younger and healthier"

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@craigster38: is right. Outlook is everything. I like to look at life as the glass is half full. My husband looks at the glass as half empty and one of our dear friends agrees with him, except "...the glass is half empty & somebody's taken a crap in it."
I've tried to teach my kids to do something good/nice for someone's benefit "just because."
It's more than common manners. It's the little things that make a difference: being in a slow moving checkout with your cart full of groceries, but letting the poor guy behind you with only 2 items go ahead of you. We all do that.
The uncommon thing is to be the one with a few items insisting the mom with the cartload & the baby having the melt down go ahead of you because you know what a difference those few minutes can mean to a harried parent.

A kind gesture or compliment can be the one bright spot in someone's day.
It costs so little to be generous with a smile, word or deed. I'd like to believe the love I give will come back to me.


Not to pick on semantics, but from a "non-secular stand point" good people go to heaven, or wherever their faith sends them when they die. I think you meant, "from a secular stand point". And in that case I agree with all the people that say it depends on your viewpoint, and the "good" or "bad" is about how you take what life hands you. Here's a rather extreme example. My dad died of cancer last Valentine's Day. On the face of it that's a terrible thing. But my dad had been estranged from the family for many years. He was a lonely, selfish, sharp-tongued old man. But when he learned he had only a few months to live, he set about mending fences. He spent a few quality months surrounded by family, and died with his ex-wife and his children at his bedside. If he'd been taken by a heart attack or some other quick death, he'd have died alone and scarcely mourned. Life is life. Pain and joy. You choose how you embrace them.


Good things happen to good and bad people. Bad things happen to good and bad people. It's what you make of these things that determines whether they are truly bad or good.


I think it's more accurate to say that "things" happen to all people. Some good, some bad. How "happy" or "good" your life is depends on your outlook and decisions. Some people have nothing and are happy. Some have everything and are miserable.

Your friends' wife having cancer is undeniably bad. But he was blessed to have met and married the love of his life... Every day is a gift. Even the crappy ones.