questionsdo you have a cool prank/joke lined up for april…


Yes , I plan on asking everyone else what they are planning and then do nothing.


Yes, but I can't tell you what it is right now. You'll know when it happens though...


Yes! I plan on tattling on the @laalo deals that don't have shipping rates included, and asking the mods to add it. Thus dragging a reluctant vendor into doing something that makes their customers happy. Yay for tattles!
It's gonna be the best April Fools day ever!


Are you sure this is not an elaborate joke/prank that we are participating in?


@questionsanswered: ? what are @laalo shipping rates. His web store does not exactly brim with information and I am to lazy to go to the checkout just to find out.


This is one I've enjoyed, if you are around other computer users. Get a wireless mouse (and keyboard if possible) with a 20-30 ft range and small USB dongle. I've used Gyration and Logitech . Pop the dongle onto your target's computer then take a seat where you can see them and check that it is recognized.

The magic happens when they are at the computer working and you randomly move the mouse or tap a key. Since computers recognize dual inputs your unsuspecting friend will think they are twitching, their computer is freaking or they missed something. The trick is to either do very little at once so it is hard to spot the glitch. Like click & hold the mouse button, drag and release. Or pick a common function, like mark, copy and paste. Hit Ctrl+A (mark all), Ctrl+C, tab, Ctrl+V. You don't need to see exactly what they are doing, just enough to keep them wondering.

It will make them bonkers. :))