questionswould you take your dog to a major league…


This is the second year for 'bark in the park' at AZ Diamondbacks stadium. Lots of people go. Idk if I really want to spend an adult ticket price on my dog being in the ballpark though...


Without question! The price is a little high, especially as I'd bring both munchkins, but I'm picturing how much they would enjoy having thousands of people to lick and have scratch their ears - and let's not forget, having hundreds of other butts to sniff! I love baseball and once a year, it would worth the cost because all three of us would have a wonderful, wonderful time.


ONLY if it was talk your dog to the game night and $1.00 hot dog night. I want to get him drunk on hot dogs and beer and them let him run on to the field like a streaker.


No. If you knew my dog you would agree with me.


ditto to @jsimsace. Seriously. You will thank me for leaving my dog at home every time you go to the ball park. I promise.

He's a nice doggie (to us!), but don't try to come into my house.....


Not anymore, he always embarrasses me by drinking too much beer, throwing peanuts at the visiting team and humping the mascot.


@aafalke: Mine does not play well with other dogs. :( Plus, he's 99.9% Yellow Lab but sometimes that other .1% shows up and it's Mississippi Leg Hound, if you get my drift. ;)


FYI I think proceeds for your dog's ticket goes to a local animal shelter.

That being said, no, I would not take either of my dogs to a baseball game because they would be terrified. One of my dogs is very shy and the other is scared of loud noises. Also, my local team sucks and it's no fun going to games lately. ;)


I'd do it, but the problem is my last dog would have been more entertaining than any major league game I ever attended.

Baseball is boring!


Only if I thought he could catch me a foul ball...


@jsimsace: hahaha i honestly don't know why you got downvoted for your comment!!! I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "mississippi leg hound" but I have an idea and I imagine people from mississippi got upset with you and thus the downvotes ;)

My dog is mostly German Shepherd. Mostly. Part....well....pit bull? labrador? hound of SOME kind? A former neighbor said he's a Black Mouth Cur.... I think it's just a fancy name for 'North Carolina MUTT' which is true since we rescued him from a kill shelter in NC shortly before with destiny. He's whiny, mouthy, needy, anxious, obnoxious, and growls at anything that moves. Including his family.

So back to the original question. No. No ball park. No strangers. He won't even go pee when neighbors are out in their backyards. Even if I had a friendly dog I don't think dogs at ball parks are a good idea. If I wanted to go to an event dogs, well I'd do that instead of a ball game.


I don't have a dog, so no. My cats prefer soccer.