questionswho else thought leak frogs were alarm clocks…


I thought the BOC was something you set on fire in front of your neighbor's I race to buy one.


Being an Ex-Low Volt sales person I do know what a leak detector is for but can totally see how people would be confused. Those poor little froggies dont belong in the dark would be damp places in the house. Alarm Clocks sound like a lot more fun. And who in there right mind wouldn't want to wake up to water being splashed on there face. now have your million dollar idea, get to prototyping!


@okham: You're not supposed to do that?


@gideonfrost: I found you can do the same thing for much less than $8. I record the jersey shore, put it in a bag, then light it up. Everybody wins.


I thought they were alarms to warn you your kid had wet the bed, but only for a moment, then I figured it out. Now I wonder if they would work for that?
Hi @cowboydann : )


I got them in my first BOC and I had no idea what they were. I shoved them into the closet and when my brother asked what I got with the BOC, I told him some plastic frogs. He just about flipped and told me what they were. They are still in the closet.