questionsdo you believe in any conspiracies?


Wow....I put on my tinfoil hat and now I see a blank screen.....


Do I believe in conspi-? Wait! Who's asking and why do you want to know??


"I believe that robots are stealing my luggage"


Ooh, looks like the comments section is having fun making up statistics! Let me try!

The amount of people who have time to think up conspiracy theories is directly related to the amount of people who are unemployed for a year or more. In fact, being out of work and pissed off about it means you're 516% more likely to look for a reason you can't find a job. Once you find your reason for blaming the government, you begin to blame them for everything.
~No wait, I'm pretty sure that's a true statement.

(Really though, some of those questions don't seem all that conspiracy theory related - or perhaps I'm a conspiracy conspirator?


@thumperchick: Did you know that 78.3% of all statistics were made up on-the-spot?


Let us look at this...
When it says "Just 5% of voters believe that Paul McCartney actually died in 1966" This is 1 in 20 people.

Wouldn't that %5 show you that around %10 of the people just randomly checked a box without reading the questions?


"4% of voters say they believe “lizard people” control our societies by gaining political power"

The're ssssstarting to catch onto usssssss...


@caffeine_dude: When I write surveys, I try to include a second question meaning the same as a previous question but worded in the negative. An example:

Question #3
The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree

Question #18
The instructor did not know the subject matter: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree

We can then throw out any surveys that have Strongly Agree selected for both questions.


There also is the possiblity that people were so fed up with polls at that time that they choose to have some fun with it.

That's just my theory.


I wouldn't call a belief in the existence of aliens or bigfoot a "conspiracy theory". Believing that their existence has been covered up would be. For that matter, while it is nutsey cuckoo, I also wouldn't call believing Obama to be the antichrist a "conspiracy theory" either. I do give some credence to some actual conspiracy theories. My self-invented one is that Norton, MacAffee, Kapersky, et al, spend their weekends coding and releasing viruses into the wild to assure their continued employment as dragonslayers.


No. All conspiracies are just a conspiracy to get people to believe in conspiracies.


@cengland0: More likely they should have had a choice 'I do not know or care who he is'. For the younger crowd.


A fun fact about Bigfoot sightings:

Reported Bigfoot sightings were down after a man shot a person dressed as Bigfoot.


@moondrake: I thought it was completely understand that the Anti-Virus market was essentially a mob-run racket. The mob being the Security folks and the racket being us.


I believe that there is a conspiracy against @ohcheri for some unknown reason.


@jsimsace: I heard a rumor that You can't sell/woot sexy stuff on woot because they(The Man) wants this to be a family friendly place.


This conspiracy question may have hit a raw nerve, all afternoon today the woot servers seem to have been acting up. Someone maybe attacking/hacking the servers. I E-mailed support about it some hours ago but things don't seem to have gotten better. Hopefully it is not the space aliens or any otherworldly monsters.


@mybestuser1: How can they expect us to HAVE families, friendly or otherwise, without the sexy stuff?

@mybestuser1: Don't be ridiculous. It's just Bigfoot.

@moondrake: I totally agree with you about viruses. Urgh!


If there is three or more people, there is a conspiracy.
If one has something that others don't, ditto.
If one has a belief that others don't, ditto that ditto.
If you don't believe in the lizard people, check out Romney and Ryan.
If you have never met anybody as cute as an ohcherie model, you will click on it in despair, and start a conspiracy of your own.


Conspiracies are only good if you believe all of them on the same subject. Every, single, one.

In other words, president Obama isn't just a closet Muslim as so many claim. He must be a Muslim Atheist Socialist Anarchist Fascist Communist Transsexual Kenyan Martian Robot Ghost Dinosaur from Iowa!


@mtm2: so you're saying the poll asking about conspiracies is a conspiracy?


I try to ignore all the conspiracies that are being touted but occasionally one will be amusing or confusing in such a way that I will read up on it. Just because something is highly unlikely doesn't mean it is impossible and the spin doctors out there have a vested interest in keeping us ignorant when it comes to events pertaining to non-standard reality.


I hadn't even heard of some of them.Makes life interesting tho.


@lparsons42: We would have noticed a black person in Iowa, I can debunk Obama lived in Iowa.

My comment was obviously intended as a joke. :|


@lparsons42: Obama ain't from Iowa, he ain't from this country at all. He's a fureigner. I don't kere what that fake birth paper says.

I think you left that one out.


Speaking about Obama... In the first election for Obama in 2008 when Fox told the world that Iowa picked the President because we have the first Caucus? This is untrue. We pick the loosing Democrat in our Caucus.

January 3, 2008 – Barack Obama (38%) WOOO HOO we finally got one right. After 32 years of picking losers.

Iowa Caucus picking Democratic looser history.

January 19, 2004 – John Kerry (Lost)
January 24, 2000 – Al Gore (Lost)
February 12, 1996 – Bill Clinton (We got this one because it was a reelection)
February 10, 1992 – Tom Harkin (Lost)
February 8, 1988 – Dick Gephardt (Lost)
February 20, 1984 – Walter Mondale (Lost)
January 21, 1980 – Jimmy Carter (Lost)
January 19, 1976 – "Uncommitted" (37%), Jimmy Carter (28%) (Close to a win, I guess)
January 24, 1972 – "Uncommitted" (36%), Edmund Muskie (36%) (Lost)


It's been over 2 years since I won BOC.......Yep, I know something is up!


I liked the movie " Conspiracy Theory"
It was made before Mel Gibson freaked out from "the gravy" THEY THEM gave him.


Wow THEY didn't want me to post about THEY THEM and the youtube didn't show, just a blank space. Curious.
Try again.


I am not sure but I think this question by junkajunkie is part of a conspiracy "Should the government release public message about personal responsibility?" It looks like a loaded question.


only if the Youtube video is convincing enough