questionswhere are all the good tv deals???


I think the fact is, it's cheaper to make bigger screens anyway. Bigger screens are lower density and have looser manufacturing tolerances.

Or, if you don't need a TV tuner (using only HDMI inputs) you could consider a computer monitor. But a TV will still likely be cheaper.


That's too small for the bedroom. I've got a 46 and wish it was bigger and my room is not all that large. Unless your TV is on your nightstand you've got to figure you're going to be at least 8 feet away from the TV when lying down. Best Buy is going to have a ridiculous deal on a 55" LG on Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

Edit: I did find this for you though.


That size is tough to find cheap. The sweet spot for deals seems to be in the 40" area. I just got my nephew a refurb 22" Emerson for playing games on and it ended up costing me around $80 after tax and shipping. I had to do a mail-in rebate for $20 as well as the "Bill me Later" payment option to get another $20 off since it was my first bill me later purchase. Ultimately a decent deal, but a lot of hassle.


I agree with that being too small a size. My bedroom is not large, my eyes are approximately 8' - 9' away from TV while laying down. I started with a 32" and thought it was a good size. That brand of cheap TV do not have good sound, and some other features I didn 't like, and I took it back within a week or so of getting it. Found a 40" and thought I would give it a try, and was glad I did. After a couple years of service, that cheap TV died, and I jujst replaced it this summer with a 46" and I love it. Makes me feel like I am watching IMax, lol !!

Already warned the wife, that when it comes time that I get a 70" for the living room, then the current 55" will be going into the bedroom, LOL !

Is the 46" over kill? Yeah, probably. But, why not? It looks great, and wasn't really any more expensive than if I had got a 32"..

Not to mention a month of having gall stones and the accompanying fun, followed by surgery and recovery, I have quite enjoyed having that big of a TV in there.


Sam's has a 70" Vizio for $1000 at their invitation only event tomorrow. If you know anybody with a higher end membership you can glom on as a guest. I they have any left I'd imagine they'l be offering them on Black Friday to us regular members.