questionsdid you know that there are only 110100 deals…


They recently (a year or so ago) cleaned up the random accounts and idle accounts (removing about 50,000 or so). At least, that's how I remember it. I could have imagined it I suppose.

Looks like maybe they need to do that again.


I always thought the opposite. Good thing most of that number do not participate or this would be an unbelievable mess.

You see the same names over and over, what would make you think the community was bigger?


110100 = 52 in binary, right?

There's about 52 names that pop up regularly. They might be right.


and i love each and every one!


so these are people active on deals.woot not people who purchase on woot!? It seems like the number would be much higher if it included all who purchase on woot!.


@lumpthar: Agreed 52.
Seriously, I wouldn't have guessed we were over 100, in the community is WAY LOWER. Do you suppose there have even been 1,000 people who have commented on anything in the community?


@conanthelibrarian: The way I understand it, is this is how many people have account with woot, and 88,355 have white triangles, so these are the people who don't do any type of participation on deals and the other 21,745 people have had some type of activity on deals, which is why they have a different colored triangle.

I notice over on woot proper if you look at comments there are plenty of people with the white triangles that are very active over there but not active at all on deals.


And here I thought that the deals side only counted you if you visited deals... I'm thinking there are way more than 100k wooters overall.


Yeah, I did actually. I get reminded every 3rd or 4th time I hit F5.

EDIT: Looks like it's up to 110,114 now.


And we see each and every one....