questionswhat is a good drum set for a four year old?


unless you are the aunt or uncle, I would advise against purchasing YOUR child a drum set. I you have a soundproofed roof that is detached from the house, this would be a good idea. If you don't, imagine that at 0600 your child decides to play their drum set, or at 1000pm, or from 600 am to 10pm they beat on it tirelessly.

If you are an aunt or uncle, I would buy a really good used set from an auction. This way the child gets to learn on the real thing.


when i was 4 all i got was pots and pans for drums ... lol... but thats good deal :)


IF I was going to buy a drum set for a young child I would definitely go with Musician's Friend rather than some place like Toys R Us. We have purchased multiple times through the Musician's Friend website and we have always had a good experience. In fact, I just made a purchase from the earlier this morning! The one caveat I would add is that I have never purchased products specifically for young children from them.

Just be prepared for the noise level if this child lives in your home. If this is for someone else's child PLEASE get the parent or guardian's agreement before buying this because they are LOUD. I have a teenage drummer, so I know this from personal experience!! I don't completely agree with the previously posted idea about buying a good used set because a full size drum set is quite large and would be difficult for a 4 year old to manage.


"Our concern is durability and that it can hold up the pounding of a energetic 4 year old."

My concern is for your sanity ;)

That said, I would also say go with Musician's Friend over a toy store.


A couple of cardboard boxes...


I would get a used electric set. Way less maintenance, and you can give them headphones.


If anyone had given my kid a drumset at four years - even at 10 years, I probably would have never spoken to them again!


@miquinn: You beat me too it...

/you see what I did there?
///hates noisy toys


any set that is in your house instead of mine.


What is a good drum set for a four year old?
Answer; a great way to get out of your lease.


I understand the reluctance but he is fascinated by drums and plays on my friends set every time we are over there. We went to our local holiday parade and every time a marching band went by he was entranced by the drum line and just followed them with his eyes tapping his feet. I would like to encourage something that he is in to that will keep him from sitting in front of the TV.
I guess I just want to encourage a musical instrument and a healthy outlet for youthful agression and frustration and if that means a little noise I can just put on some noise cancelling head phones or grab the guitar or keyboard and join in the jam.


Actually (speaking as a music teacher and a mom), I wouldn't go with a drumset. Remo makes amaaaaaazing Kid's Percussion instruments that not only look and sound great, but are durable beyond belief. You can find them online at, or at your local music store, or even Ebay!
One word of caution--I would stay away from their Rhythm Club line...although they are cute drums, they don't sound nearly as good as the Kids Percussion line.
Hope this helps! I know it's late in the game... :)