questionsthe kid from 3rd rock is batman now?


"Sources" also said Ben Affleck was directing the film, which was a bunch of baloney. I'll wait for the official announcements before I believe anything about this film. I will say this, whoever keeps spreading these rumors are doing a good job of keeping the buzz about the flick going... especially since very little has actually been accomplished in it's production.


Eh, he was an OK young-Bruce-Willis. And he was Cobra Commander .... (I'm very sorry I saw THAT movie.) I guess I can see it working better than I'd imagined Michael Keaton or Christian Bale working. Besides, it'll have to be better than the Val Kilmer Batman. (Apologies to him, as I like his other work, but that really ... well ... it was a problem of the whole movie I guess .... anyway ...)


I thought he was Robin... It was pretty apparent at the end of Dark Knight Rises


@falcondeal: Precisely.

He's Robin John Blake in TDKR and inherits the throne of Batman after Bruce Wayne retires. The whole point in the film is that Batman should be anyone looking to make a positive difference in Gotham.

Going back to the comics, there was an uneasy relationship between Robin and Batman, especially when they split after Bruce wouldn't recognize Robin as nothing more than a sidekick. He leaves and becomes Nightwing, then returns and becomes Batman, then leaves and becomes Nightwing again (comic book storylines are very convoluted sometimes).

This is just Nolan's version of a "believable" Robin character. I think if people saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Bat costume, they might believe it a little bit more. He doesn't have the same physical presence/stature as Christian Bale, but he can probably bulk up by the time filming starts. He is a very hot actor (resume-wise) now and thus a good choice to anchor The Justice League alongside Henry Cavill's Superman.


I am watching him now in 50/50. (DVR so it may be a week before I finish)


Agreed, great actor, but I don't think he could pull off Batman.
They should spin-off of DKR and let him do Nightwing.


@curtisuxor: Did they actually establish he would be Robin in TDKR? I remember him finding the Batcave and the suggestion that he would be taking over for Bruce, but I don't remember them saying he would actually be Robin. It's been a while since I've seen the film.


@thedogma: They mention at the end that he should use his first name more...goes something like: Why don't you go by "Robin", I like it.
Note: Previously in the movie he was going by his middle name of John (Robin John Blake).


@thedogma: There was one scene at the end of the film where JGL's character picked up the package Bruce left him with climbing gear and a GPS leading to the batcave. The secretary gave an off-hand comment that she liked his legal name after presenting her his ID.

It was a Nolan-esque tongue-in-cheek reference, but the scene at the end where he is standing on the platform that literally rises out of the water (Dark Knight Rises). Combined with the idea that Robin, in the comics, inherited the throne of Batman (both moniker and suit) after being "Robin the sidekick" makes it clear enough to me that he is now Batman, or at the very least, Nightwing. I think the short time they did work together for a little while in the film was the Batman/Robin-stage of their relationship.


@sgrman05: That's my one major complaint with DKR. We all knew he was Robin, but when she said he should use his real name I was hoping for her to say Dick Grayson.
My theater was a 50/50 mix of happy/upset with that. Me being in the latter half.