questionswhich tablet is best? ipad or one of the android…


@jsimsace: Ah, sorry about that. Didn't realize I had asked my question badly until you pointed it out. What I meant to ask was for specific devices that may be best comparable to the Ipad 2, in terms of specs, weight, etc. I'm hoping to find an android tablet that is cheaper, but I'll suck it up and buy the ipad if I can't.


Don't apologize. I'm not offended didn't get a ▲ for nothing! ;) I'll probably get flamed for this, but an iPad is really awesome. It has it's limits, but there is really not a lot of difference between the original and it's successors aside from the cameras. Some people like Android for the modifications or it being "not Apple", but I have no bad experiences with the iPad first gen.


Pretty much the same response I had last time.

Both are winners. None of them are losers. Unless it's less than a hundred bucks worth of a tablet.


There's no question that you get MUCH more for your money with Android. If you want the Rolls Royce of Android, get the Samsung Galaxy Tabs. But almost any Android tablet is a great buy.

If you care more about looking 'cool' than being 'cool,' buy an ipad.


@joshobra: But which android tablet would you pick that was comparable to an Ipad 2?


@kerowyn: I'd say it would be the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Sony Tablet, or Asus Transformer in no specific order and model number. But their UI and specs is pretty much the same, just depends on design and according to, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes closest to the new iPad.

If I were you though, I'd wait until like July-September because I think the competition tablets are on the verge of coming out with a new one pretty soon.


The true question is: which BEAR is best?


Tablet for your mom?

Well, nothing is better or easier out of the box then the iPad, but if she is in to it 'technically speaking', then she may wish to check out one of the better androids if she enjoys 'tinkering with technology'.


Oh whoops, I just completely read your description. My bad! I could add to that too! I just got my mom an iPad 2 32GB white for mothers day from AValive for $492.44 notax/free ship, she absolutely loved it like it was something she always wanted.

If you're thinking about getting an iPad 2, I'd get one soon before everyone runs out.


Also, I take everything I said about the other tablets back.

Get the Amazon Kindle Fire, seriously. It's so cheap but it works flawlessly! I think that will work out the best. My bad, I just saw the commercial and I was like... oh snap, I forgot about that! Only thing though is that it doesn't have a camera.


There's a tablet other than iPad?

Sorry, I drink the apple cool-aid. I don't recognize the existance of anything else, let alone try to determine if it's better.