questionscan someone in charge please define sexy?


tags: sexy-is-a-state-of-mind-not-a-tag-to-help-consumers-search-for-deals


I know it when I see it!!

But this posted deal has it in the title but not as a Tag???

Where is the consistency??


@hobbitss: Exactly. There is no consistency. Which is why I do not believe we will ever have rules in writing.


(No but seriously, I'll ping staff and see if I can't find an answer for you @ohcheri )


Mod changed the tag to:


Love it :-) ♥



I don't always tag sexy, but when I do, it's ohcheri.



@okham: That's one thing that is consistent :-)



Too Funny and Too True.. LOL...


@ohcheri: Thank you for carrying the torch on this and seemly taking all the hits. Consistency around here seems to last less than 5 minutes.


And now my mens pirate costume was deleted. Apparently fully clothed men are not acceptable either :-p


Sexy is as sexy does. So it is written, so it shall be for ever more.


@ohcheri: Silly kid with rules they can not bully you without breaking the rules.


@ohcheri: I know it is the beginning of the revolution here @deals.

But I must share with you something: Your ads are like the "Colt 45" ads in the ghetto to me. They don't add anything constructive to the landscape and make the place look trashy.

/there: I've said it.


@therealjrn: Everyone is entitled to their man's trash is another man's treasure :-)

I don't purchase 99.9% of the products offered on here. I also don't feel compelled to insult people based on how they choose to spend their money.

Consumers who purchase what I sell (and there are plenty) appreciate the fact that I mark down items especially for my WOOT customers.

But the moderators should have a consistent way of removing/adding/deleting tags and descriptions. Consistent meaning all deals are treated the same whether that moderator LIKES the product being offered or not.


Sexy is a Nexus 7 2.
Here is a Nexus 7 2, from behind, sitting on wood.


@ohcheri: True enough my trashy friend :)

Point well taken that the "moderators should have a consistent way of removing/adding/deleting tags."


@therealjrn: Btw: Pabst Brewing is based in Woodridge, Ill., makes Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Lone Star, Colt 45, Old Style and Schlitz Malt Liquor. The company has annual sales in excess of $500 million.

Not bad for ghetto beer ;-)

Calling me your "trashy friend" only emphasizes your lack of class, sir.


@ohcheri: I ain't never said I had no class.


@okham: He is sexy. To me. To others, he might not be.

Defining sexy for deals could be difficult. What is to one, is not to another one.

Therein lies the problem. Or not. What is disconcerting is one staff members definition vs another staff members thoughts on same.

Seems there is a vast difference of opinions. That wouldn't be all bad if there were guidelines/rules.

Of course, most important is consistency.

And, there is none. Nada. Zero.


Regarding the costume that was deleted, I remember a staff member commenting on a different deleted item before stating it had nothing to do with the actual product you were selling; however, when the viewer went to the site to look at the product, there were some other items displayed on the same page that were not PG13.

Not that I agree with that reason but that's what was said before and could explain why a particular one was deleted. In my opinion, if something is deleted, the staff member should have to select from a list of reasons and the original poster should get an email notification with the reason it was deleted. Seems there is no log anywhere and staff members have no way of looking back historically and that's just wrong.

I for one, like seeing the items you have for sale. I wish I could get Mrs cengland0 to wear some of them but we are always at the gym or out shopping so never have any time to wear anything besides shorts or mall appropriate attire.


My wife loves the swimsuits (so do I ;-) I'm not sure defining sexy is the best way to go. I think they need a list of items that are banned and if it isn't obviously adult XXX rated it stays. It is important to watch where the links go and that the content on the page is appropriate. I just have never seen the harm in anything @ohcheri post. Swimwear, langerie, and costumes. All three can be seen with a trip to the mall or even walmart. This whole deleting @ohcheri's deals is ridiculous. I think it's time to get the mods under control.

EDIT: ever walked by a victoria's secret?


@mtm2: the only thing consistent is the inconsistency


@ohcheri with me being being web design not so savvy and not sure of the "logistics" in doing this but is there any way for you to have your wooter specials end up on a special page with only the product and a link back to the main page of your site to prevent to possibility of someone deeming the other items on the landing page as taboo?


@rogetray: Hey, thanks for answering this question. it makes us feel like you care when so many get brushed aside or go unanswered. We would love some follow up from you or another staffer. Thanks again for keeping the good woot-mosphere


@cengland0: You said "In my opinion, if something is deleted, the staff member should have to select from a list of reasons and the original poster should get an email notification with the reason it was deleted. "

I Second That Motion!!!!! I have had deals deleted and I know I did not break any of the commonly known (though unwritten) rules around here. I have no idea why it was taken out.

Makes me less likely to continue posting deals - why go to the trouble? I am not a vendor, I am not profiting from my post. I just wanted to participate in the community and share with others, hoping they would return the favor.


@natedogg828: Absolutely. I have no problem following their rules if they would just make some! They told me to keep my landing page"tame" which I have done. They randomly tag items #sexy no matter what it is or what the landing page looks like.

Consistency is all we are asking for.


@philosopherott: Sorry, @rogetray didn't answer the question. He passed the buck. To someone who won't answer the question. I bet no staff member ever answers this question and I'm also willing to bet we will never see the mystical Set of Rules that were mentioned in the other thread.


@gmwhit: I really don't think defining "sexy" would be difficult. If it's intended to be worn in the privacy of your home, tag it #adult (the #sexy tag is simply lame). If anyone in the world can see people walking down the street wearing the item, it's not #adult.


@nmchapma: I see the girls wearing less as they walk by my house on their way to middle school :-)

I am just perplexed as to why the Halloween costumes are considered "inappropriate for children".


@ohcheri: well I don't think they would fit very well.


Everything that is sold on ohcheri is of some kind of sexy. Your site is built upon it. Your own tabs are marked as sexy. Your sites name is a play on sexuality.

WHY are you so offended that something you are selling on another companies website is tagged as sexy !!??


@wolfsmane: I don't believe that @ohcheri is offended, just upset that other similar deals do not get tagged by mod's as such


@wolfsmane: yup, it's not that her deals are tagged or removed. it's that other companies are not. shes just asking for consistency, as is said over and over in the above comments. #read


@caffeine_dude: You said "WOOD" hehehe is that allowed?


@wolfsmane: The #sexy tag is used on DW to manipulate what appears on the Popular tab. Tags are supposed to be used to help consumers find what they are searching for on DW. The keyword sexy on my site is to help consumers find what they are searching for using search engines such as Google. That is the difference between a tag and a keyword.


@caffeine_dude: I didn't know Technology Porn was allowed on this site...
Will you follow up with an image of the front with a translucent cover draped across the Nexus 7-2??


@ratmotor: 1998 called...I'm not sure what they want back, but...1998 called. :P


I came here to say "Yoga Pants"

That is all.


@rogetray: did you ever get an answer? Inquiring minds want to know!


@okham: sorry for the delayed response. I haven't heard back about anything, but I think we should get an answer soon. Thanks for being patient! ;)


@therealjrn: "/there: I've said it."

Always nice to hear an opinion. However, it's an old discussion, debated many times, and your view is pretty much always on the losing side of the discussion.

It's a teeny little image, showing less skin than most bathing suits. The landing page is always clean. If you don't like lingerie, don't open the link. Squinch your eyes up a bit, and you won't even be able to see the image well enough to know what it is.


@hobbitss: @the550cordshop: I just came back here to see if my rear view of a Nexus 7 2 got deleted, after all it is on bare wood, but it could be Photoshopped.

@therealjrn: Please apologize to @ohcheri:, she is a valued member, even if you do not agree with her there is no reason for personal attack.


Hey Woot, stop being awesome.


@caffeine_dude: @magic cave: You're equating my opinion of the ads with my opinion of her personally. I've never liked the ads, so flame me if you wish, since i seem to be "on the losing side."

I apologize for the misconception of and my apparent failure to critique the ads properly.


@therealjrn: I believe it was your "trashy friend" comment that is upsetting. Even if it was only in jest, it was with poor taste.

I think calling swimsuit ads trashy is on the overly sensitive side and is a problem some of the mods seem to exhibit as well. You'll see more provacative images walking through the mall. Do you go to the beach? do you call those wearing them trashy? do you avert your eyes to avoid them? can you really say that they are fine on real people in public but not for sale or on models on the internet? Your argument is incomplete and appears to be overly sensitive, that's how you end up being on the loosing side.

Lingerie is already banned from the popular tab, I get that, even though it's another thing you see while out shopping pretty much anywhere. Taking down swimsuits is too much.


@rogetray: Still waiting for someone to explain why some items get tagged #sexy.

Like this deal for example:

What is it about this particular garment that makes it too disturbing to appear on the Popular tab? @prettywootprincess Any input?