questionscan you give away kindle and nook books that you…


Officially, no. There are books you can "loan" for a 2-week period, but you can only loan them out once. . . and most of the books from the big publishing companies are not available to loan.

I'm sure there's some hacker app that allows you to transfer a book, but I've never looked into it.


Not legally, hence why I prefer real books and CDs versus the digital versions. I have the physical item, which can't be taken away by some computer/publisher/distributor simply because they say I don't have the rights to them anymore.


Agree with the not legally, but books you sideload (epub format) can be loaded onto more than 1 Nook; the Nooks just have to have access to the same computer and same Adobe Digital Editions account.


No, when you buy an ebook you don’t actually buy it the same way you buy a physical book. You buy a license to read it only on a certain device. The licenses do not give you the legal right to share ebooks.

Here is the TOS for a NOOK
In section 3(iv) you agree not to "copy, transfer, sublicense, assign, rent, lease, lend, resell or in any way transfer any rights to all or any portion of the Digital Content to any third party, except in connection with the normal use of the lending feature available through the Service"

The lending feature is only for 14 days, you can only do it once for a given "book", and publishers can block lending.

Section 3 of the Kindle TOS reads pretty much the same.


You're not supposed to. Which is a reason, among others, I prefer real books. When I enjoy a book, I'd like to hand it to a friend so they can as well. That's better than loaning them a Kindle :-)


@narfcake: That's one of the reasons my spouse (a true bibliophile) won't buy a Kindle or Nook. (The other is that he genuinely enjoys the tactile sensation of handling a book.)


No not officially. I recently bought a Nook myself (I love my physical books but it sucks trying to read on my daily commute with big hulking hard cover) for $33 on Cowboom. Works great. There was no way I was going to spend $100+ on one yet. Bought a 16-gig micro SD for $8 and side-loaded about 2 gigs of epubs that I found free online.

With a little creativity you can remove DRM from books and change the format to put them on whatever device you want. Or buy ebooks from publishers that sell them in the epub format without DRM. They exist. Buy an ereader that doesn't do proprietary content only, or one you can side-load, like the Nook or Kobo (a friend just bought a Kobo Glo and loves it).