questionsdoes anyone know what this thing is?


Here are descriptions of the 4 pictures.

Picture 1: This is the item. The bottom white piece is glass. The top small white piece is ceramic. The movable handle is aluminum.

Picture 2: Here you see the top piece easily pulls out. It's on a metal rod. The bottom of the rod has flanges like it would plug into a device to make it turn.

Picture 3: This is the underside of the item. You can see where the metal shaft comes through.

Picture 4: This is a close up of the handle. It is removable and you can see there are 3 divots punched into each side. Those divots line up with 2 similar like indentations made in the handle base of the glass piece. Depending on where you line the divots up at the handle moves in different ways.

Here is a link to the gallery of these pictures in 800X600 res.


It's a juicer attachment, probably to a blender or mixer.

Edit: It may be assembled wrong, the one I had was for an old oster blender. It had the reamer part in the bowl. The "handle" was actually a spout to dispense it into a cup, and it had a screen to remove seeds, which opened for cleaning. The base fit onto the blender gear.


@pickypickypicky: I agree. Looks a lot like
I thought juicer when I saw the thing on top, but couldn't figure out how it would work assembled like that.


i know a duck when i see it, and that there is a duck ok


@pinchecat: 2 points for quoting duck dynasty about ducks particularly uncle si!


OMG! I had it inside out and upside down the whole time! Makes sense that the "handle" is the spout if you flip it over! You guys are the best! Thanks so much! Now, I feel I can finally get rid of it!


With the right buyer it could go for as much as $450.
I have no idea what it is.


@btalarczyk: Now that you know what it is put it on ebay......the world's largest flea market. Make sure you know how much it will cost to ship it first.


Looks like it might be an antique.....I think @robingraves might be onto something here with ebay.


@pinchecat: Well, we finally agree on something. That there is a duck.


That my friend is the stuff dreams are made of.
Also it's a duck.

Post it on eBay with a $1,650 "Buy it Now" price and start the auction at $499 - put the words "antique" and "rare" somewhere (anywhere) in the title and BAM!
You just made some guy who loves ducks (and/or possibly juice?)'s day.


"The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handle" ?


@pickypickypicky: oh I like the old mixmasters. had an ancient one that finally croaked. might have to check this out !

and YES ! juicer of some sort was first thing I thought . a juicer with an unintentional duck motif.


@robingraves: That's a good idea. I'll give it a whirl on eBay. Maybe someone can use it.


@drchops: I thought that kind of language only worked on Etsy

j5 j5

Can we RIP this question now?

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Paper weight or DECEPTICON!


Can you post new pics showing how it's supposed to go? Because I still just see duck, not juicer..


Ok guys, I'm making good on your suggestions to list this on eBay instead of tossing it out. Here's the link.


Proper credit was given to @pickypickypicky and the others who helped me ID this! Thanks again!


@btalarczyk: I'd like to thank the academy..

GOOD LUCK! Hope it finds a good home. :-)

More mystery items please.