questionswhy doesnt the deal of the day pop up


Do you mean pop up on your web browser or your smart phone? Were you getting some kind of alert or a daily email?


yes i was on my e-mail here at work


@monetta: Hi there. Staff here. Are you talking about the daily digest email that shows the deals of the day? If so, it sometimes decides to just go on vacation without warning.

Go to YOUR ACCOUNT at the top right of any page.
Click on Email Subscriptions & Notifications. Make sure the one you want is checked.

If it is checked and you're still not getting it, check your spam/junk folder. If you use Outlook, look in the junk folders by logging into your email provider directly via a browser.

IF STILL NO LUCK, uncheck the item in YOUR ACCOUNT and then log out of Woot. Log back into Woot and reselect the email notification you want.

Did that make sense?


And to add to thunderthighs' comment, if it is truly an email that you are missing, your question confused some people because you were asking about popups. A popup and an email are generally two different things. Popups, in my opinion, are push notifications that launch a separate window that appears in front of all your other windows. Other woot users were wondering what you were talking about because Woot doesn't have any popups.

If all your email settings on Woot are correct, you might also want to check your spam filter. My daily digest email comes from so adding that to your address book can sometimes help prevent it from going to the spam folders.