questionsis anyone going to buy the blurry question markā€¦


For the record, you can't actually order any of those shirts. You might get any one of the shirts listed (or one of many others NOT listed) when you purchase the random shirt.

All told.


@jumbowoot: I should have made that clear when I posted the question. I just like when the shirts are worked into the description, as I usually don't go back and check the reckoned shirt pages.


If you want to order a Blurry question mark shirt go here

If you order from todays main page you will get random shirts which will include truly random shirts in the size you choose.


@ichigodiafuku: It's a white shirt with a blurry question mark. Some people thought the comment about the shirt was printed on it as well. It's not. Here is a picture someone posted.


@faughtey: Thanks. My friend bought the Exclamation mark shirt, I guess then I really need to get the Question mark for when we go out together.


I ordered the blurry shirt last time around. It really is very blurry, so you need to see it from afar to get the whole picture, but I think it's worth it in the end.


Did it. Used my free coupon.

Obscurity FTW.


I ordered a random shirt, but I already have a random shirt shirt.


Wait are they devil shirts ? 666


Finally used by February coupon and ordered it. Thanks, Jumbowoot!


NOOOOO I missed it! I've been waiting for that one.

...Crap. I saw it on the side bar and thought it was just a random shirt, never got around to confirming. Darn.


@thedogma: the link that @tomaew posted in the third comment is still has an "I WANT ONE" button. It might still be available.