questionsknow of a good way to clean spilled honey?


Honey dissolves in hot water, so a sponge or rag in hot water will easily clean up a small spill. If it's a big spill, use something like a spatula first to lift off the excess, then hot water/sponge. That should clean it completely, but you can finish with an all-purpose cleaner or a little soap, if want to be sure there's nothing left there to attract ants.


@adadavis: yea thats about all there is to do not much else, no cleaners really work on it


@adadavis: That's sort of what I did.. aside the water wasn't hot. Took a lot of scrubbing. It would be nice if something crystalized it, so I could just "flick" it clean when it dries.. or use it.

@jjilk: There has been some bears in the area lately. Maybe I should just leave my door open!


@raremonkey: Or if you are patient and lazy, you can adopt a hill of ants and they will clean it up for you at no charge.


Where is Winnie the Pooh when you need him...


This property of honey being a bitch to clean up is the reason I keep a couple of packets of it in my glove box.

When someone richly deserves some come-uppance (jerk in parking lot is the classic) I wait for them to leave the area of their car, and drizzle honey across the windshield in front of the driver.

When they return, their first reaction is to hit the wipers & the washer solution. This only serves to distribute the mess more completely.

Not a nice thing to do, and I'm not proud of doing it, but it's probably better than going all "road rage" on 'em.


@un4gvn1: Why not just carry a windshield marker, like at car lots, and write "loser" on the front glass? As for the OP, hot water with vinegar works best. Peace.


I only know how if its spilt on a fine PYT


Let your dog at it. If you don't have a dog, call a buddy and borrow one.


@matt1976: Hmmm... not sure how I'd get my dog on my counter to lick the upper cabinet, but could be fun trying!