questionswhat is your favorite cologne/perfume?


Mine is called sex panther by odeon. It's illegal in nine countries and made with bits of real panther, so you know its good.


So, do you ever have problems with territorial housecats?


Never, sixty percent of the time it works every time.


That's good. It'd be a terrible thing to wear it to your ladies' house trying to woo her and end up smelling like cat-skunk!


Perfume is a plague upon the Earth. It must be stopped.

Guys who wear it are wasting their money to no benefit. Women who wear it are only repulsing me. A benefit to women, perhaps. ;) Ok, everyone who wears it repulses me.

Now I'm not against all perfumy things, just the concentrated oil people use. I know some women who use ordinary fruit flavored hand moisturizers. I like that.

If you insist upon smelling non-human, limit it to scented soap or such. Even then, not that liquid soap with the same unnatural horrid perfumes mixed in.

A breath mint and shower will get to further with the opposite sex than perfume will.


@gregorylikescheapstu: You are my hero, sir. I loathe perfume. It was invented to cover up the odors of winter, when people bathed seldom, or not at all.

People who need perfume to smell better should bathe more often.

In addition, if someone's a smoker, be very careful on how much of that stuff you pour on. Your sense of smell has been damaged, and now everyone around you gets the twins of cigarette smoke and too much perfume.

If you are one of those who like perfume, consider that it should be personal. Your significant other should notice it; not the people at the next table over in the restaurant.


There a definitely people in this world who abuse perfume. I am baffled by ladies who pour it on to go for a walk and the scent is overwhelming even outside.

I wear perfume on special occasions, one tiny spritz of Romance by Ralph Lauren. It is citrusy and light. My husband uses Polo (green) or Eternity by Calvin Klein but only after shave, not cologne.

If you like spicy Red (by Giorgio) is nice.


one me i wear Happy knockoff, Beautiful, Jovan white musk, and a few others.. i like Light Blue also.

on guys i like Curve, Eternity, Cool Water - all lightly not heavy heavy


@faughtey: i thought they filed for bankruptcy? if so, i'd advise people to read up on their status before buying just to make sure they can still fulfill orders and stuff.

bankruptcy nowadays is almost meaningless for companies if they still decide to operate.


I wear Clinique Happy Heart (only 2 sprays to my shirt for you perfume haters, no need for everyone to smell it). I like the way it smells, clean and I like it. My husband likes it too. I love his cologne (I can only smell it when I hug on him), I can't remember what it's called.


@w00tgurl: I didn't know about that, thanks for the information!


@thumperchick: i do 1 spray on the wrist then rub wrists together, then 1 spray on the shirt. :)
i really used to love Beautiful but i realized i sneeze when i wear it, no kidding.. but the "spray into the air and step in" trick works well for these stronger perfumes.