questionswhen purchasing mulitple items from woot! how do…


I too am in the exact same predicament, and was just wishing that woot would let you know which item the tracking number belongs too. But since we don't have that information from this order the best we can do is make an educated guess based on the shipping info given.
I believe the caramels ship directly from Candy Basket, which is in Portland. They are also 2 lbs to a box. So if your order is shipping from the Portland area and is a little over 2 lbs (or 4 or 6 or however many boxes you ordered) then its a pretty safe bet that its the caramels.
So far the only part of my order that shipped was 1.6 lbs and not from Portland which I am going to assume is the shower head. I also have a pack of bras in the same order that is possibly this shipment, but I would expect those to be a lighter package.


Go to the "stuff you bought" page.


@ojulius: That does not tell you specifically what is being sent out with what tracking number. Many time Woot! will fill part of our order and then an Amazon fulfillment center will fill a part and maybe a vendor fills the rest which will result in multiple tracking numbers.


There's a simple solution... stop buying stuff from woot.


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Split the orders up and pay $5 shipping for each.


I asked the same thing to Woot and was told that they are "working on something" to try to address the issue. So basically there is no way to know for sure until you open the box.


Hey all. It's definitely something we're aware of and it's in the pipeline for future improvements. No ETA thought.


I come from the future and I can tell you they still haven't fixed this issue. Now they just give you a fake tracking number that starts with PI and is untrackable.