questionsare you ready for call of duty: black ops ii?


I stopped caring about COD when right before MW2. I got tired of spending 50 dollars every year for essentially the same game with a few new features. Especially when it takes so long for me to level up because I don't play a lot.

Releasing new games every year or so just breaks up the gaming community and makes gaming less fun for me. Valve got in a lot of trouble for releasing L4D2 too soon but it's nice what they did to tie the two games together and how quickly they started dropping the price on both games.

Just look at counterstrike, the game is more than 10 years old and it still breaks back into the top 10 best selling games on steam all the time.. Anyways this is just my semi-unpopular opinion, and I'd still probably play the game if I'm at a friends house.


Same here.. that's why I opted for Battlefield 3 this year instead of MW3. Last year I spent $60 on Black Ops itself and over the next four months (1 map pack a month x $15) was another $60. Honestly I was in it for the zombies, but outcomes are always the same.. stupidly death from breaking the streak of zombie kills.

I'll probably just rent it out. Oh hear ya on counter-strike.. been playing that since middle school which was probably like ten years ago for me. We even played it in high school in "advanced computer programming" class. Yeah, how fun is that? Counter-Strike with professor for two hours and man, that guy gets pissed when he gets shot by a sniper with no-scope.

If only Woot sells video games (at better prices than amazon, I presume)... now wouldn't that be cool?

I wonder if CS works on Mac... I'm thinking about jumping right back into that right now.

EDIT: I guess not.


@cowboydann: I'm with you. I played COD4:MW religously for a long time. I hosted a gaming community geared specifically towards MW and hosted 3-4 servers for about a year. It was great. Then MW2 came out and crapped on everything in the PC community. There were no servers anymore. I switched to BF3 in the last round and have vowed never to give the COD franchise any more of my money. I wish I had back all the money I had put into MW2 and BO.


The trailer just dropped.

Looks like it's set in the semi-near future.. 2025

All I remember seeing was robot drones and horses. I think I want it now.. cause of the horses. Can't go wrong with horses. My interest level went up 25% on horses alone.


meh... haven't played my xbox in over a month, and I still have rage, arkham city, mass effect 1-2-3, and several others to get through. That should last me til 2013.


Not a gamer here, but it sounds interesting.


Not terribly excited for it, the CODs that Treyarch has produced over the years aren't nearly as fun as the ones that Infinity Ward produces.

With probably the exception of the Zombie mode in World at War, and the default map.

If I were to buy it, I would probably wait til it hits less than $40.

I was able to wait for CoD:MW3, and eventually snagged a copy for $25 with shipping through e-bay.

Though... this futuristic setting does look interesting... >.<


Honestly I'm not a fan of fps games, I'm an RPG kind of girl.

But I work in the gaming industry so I have to be excited for it for my customers. :)