questionsdo coupons come off on your amazon subscribe…


You can initially save a little money with subscribe and save but I unsubscribe immediately after enrolling and getting my first shipment.

Subsequent shipments are not guaranteed to have the same price as the first. I don't like surprises so I refuse to sign up for a delivery of some future product where I don't know what the price will be in advance.


@cengland0: Thx for response. I understand that strategy, though in truth you never have to accept any future orders without knowing the new S&S price. They send an email before the order is shipped so you have a chance to skip it if you don't like the new price. But that's not what's concerning me here.

Ex: Product X's price is currently $10. Product X has a coupon you can clip on Amazon that takes $2 off, so product is now $8. Then, Product X also allows you to Subscribe & Save it so there's another % off (depending on the number of items in one S&S shipment). So you do this and checkout, subscribing to Product X. The confirmation email says you're paying $10 - $2 - %off for S&S for Product X. Later, when your full S&S order is preparing to ship, and you're sent a confirmation email about it, no mention is made about the original "coupon clipped" discount.

I emailed Amazon CS about 1 of the items in my order & they responded the coupon would be honored. We'll see about the rest.


@cengland0: I subscribe to a couple of items, and I always get an advance notice telling me the ship date (usually about 10 days away) and the current price. Mine are paper products, which seldom have much variation in price; I think the max has been $.50 on a total price of about $23 for each shipment.

When that advance notice arrives, it's always possible to cancel the shipment immediately.


@magic cave and @pamfenway: I now understand that you can cancel a couple days in advance of the shipping. I didn't know that until now.

I'm sure they rely on people's laziness to make more sales. It's why companies offer 30-day trials when you give them a credit card because they will bill you if you don't cancel. Many people don't cancel because they forgot or are lazy. I'm one of those people. I never sign up for a temporary service knowing that I will be billed later if I don't cancel because I know I'll forget and then get charged anyway.

So back to this subscribe and save cancel feature. With my luck, that email will end up in my spam folder or it will arrive when I'm working and I'll say that I'll cancel when I'm less busy and then never do. As for me, I would rather just pay a couple bucks more when I need it than to worry about this. If I want to save a couple pennies anyway, I can subscribe and place my order and then cancel immediately after.




Then we have the issue of having to guess when you'll need the next shipment and preschedule that. That leaves the chance of either having too much toilet paper or not enough. That is a commodity you don't want to run out of.

I guess it would be good for something that needs to be replaced on a schedule like an air conditioner filter. Change it every 30 days; however, even those are cheaper when bought in bulk so I usually buy a case of 12 or more at a time and store them in my garage.