questionsdo you have your own fireworks show or do you go…


It is cheaper to go to a fireworks show than it is to buy your own fireworks. When you go to fireworks show seems to be nicer than the one in your backyard.


When I was around 9 years old, my two older brothers decided it would be a good idea to set off some fireworks in a barn at a campground we regularly went to. Turns out old dried up wood and fireworks don't mix well. They ended up burning it down and getting us banned from there for about 5 years. It kinda sucked too, because my grandparents retired there.

It's not that I don't enjoy setting off fireworks, I'd rather just watch. The local casino normally puts on a really good show. I'll stick to sparklers and snakes.


I go to a show, cost of buying my own plus houses/garages to close together to safely do in my back yard are a big deterrent...more so than the fact that they are also illegal in the state I live in


Since personal fireworks are banned again due to drought conditions, public shows are the only option. With what seems like half the country on fire right now, I think a lot of places will be banning them this year. Summer before last I had a screen porch built on the back of my house and a deck on top of it. As I am well up on the slope of the mountain, the deck affords me a good view of fireworks from downtown, Chamizal National Park and Juarez. On New Years we light up the fire pit and roast marshmallows and drink champagne on deck while watching the fireworks. For 4th of July I expect it will be beers and watermelon on deck. The only downside is you can't hear the shriek of the rockets or the booms of the explosions.


My state outlawed civilians having any sort of fireworks.


Where I am, fireworks are banned within the city limits. Since I don't know anyone with significant amounts of land, shooting off my own isn't really an option.
I grew up watching at least three big, professional fireworks shows a year including the huge "Freedom Festival" fireworks set off in the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor, Canada. One of the big fireworks manufactureers often debuted their new stuff at that show. So fireworks shows, to me, should be big and showy and, ideally, set to patriotic music played live by a military band. Shows put on by individuals just don't seem to compare.


Where we live there are only 3 types of fireworks that are illegal so you can buy anything you want. It's great. Our neighbors usually put on a bit of a show. We have friends over and let everyone BYOF (Bring Your Own Fireworks) and everyone has fun without the crowds some places draw.


I live in a town with an amazing Arts Festival every year for the 4th. There's a band playing (free) at a big park that overlooks the harbor. They set off fireworks at the mouth of the harbor, and you can watch them from a boat, a park, beach, house, etc. The reflection of the fireworks in the ocean is great. I've always loved my hometown's fireworks! Plus they do something called a "harbor illumination" where every few feet there's an orange flare all around the harbor. So cool.

For the past 2 years we've had my kids & my cousins' kids on boats and eaten lobster. My kids are at overnight camp for the 4th this year, sadly, so we will probably do something differently. Though hopefully with just as much lobster. Or more for me. :)


Most cities around here ban the use of fireworks without a permit, and you need a good excuse to get a permit. You actually need to purchase a "permit" to transport fireworks in Wisconsin. Even though they're illegal around here we've blown off a few over the years, someone usually brings some over for our annual July 4th cookout. But with the drought we're in I think the police & fire department have really been cracking down on firework use this time. They'll cite you an outrageous ticket and destroy your fireworks. Not worth it.


I haven't shot my own fireworks on Independence Day for a few years now. I generally just go to the show that they put on at the local park. Last year it was going to be canceled due to budget problems in the city but several local businesses got together and provided the funding.


The local free show is prettier and safer.