questionsare the zmodo systems like this good for ghost…


Sorry, your question is going to attract all the Wisenheimers out here tonight. I'll try to answer it with as little sarcasm as possible.

I'm really not sure what you normally use or need, but here's the deal on how the cameras work:
The cameras sense into the near-infrared. They have near-IR LEDs surrounding the CCD. The near-IR light reflects off of stuff and back into the camera. Objects out there have highly-varying levels of IR reflectance, so making out shapes and people and stuff is easy.
The cameras will not sense heat in any meaningful sense. Heat "signatures" tend to be in the far-IR.

Also, as long as you can get something meaningful from the minimum resolution of 800x600, then you may also be okay.

Technically speaking, the cameras should work with anything capable of reflecting IR back to the CCD. If the subject is incapable of IR reflection, then you will see mostly the background with some vague distortion in the foreground.