questionsdid ya hear, amazon introduced "the kindle owners…


Thanks, I had not heard that. I'm assuming that you know that you can borrow Kindle books from your local library now. (Over 11,000 libraries are participating - hopefully yours is.) The ability to borrow 12 books a year is not enough incentive for me to pay $79 a year for the 'not be be mentioned anymore' service offered by Amazon. ;-)


When did Prime become the Lord Voldermort of deals.woot? I love my Prime as much as Ron Burgundy loves Scotch.


Yeah, I don't get what's so wrong with it either. Been thinking about joining for awhile (not having to get $25 minimum for free shipping...), and now with their tv/movie and kindle subscriptions, it seems like a smarter investment. Just waiting for the bait-and-switch where they suddenly charge $125 for it....


I love Prime... though I've yet to pay for it because of all the free trials 1 month -> student -> renewed free student -> what's next?? hmmmmm


Amazon didn't release a list of the 5k books. I have only 2 of them on my Wish List. I hope someone compiles a list soon because that would be a great time saver.


A) I am a fan of Prime

B) But I agree 'renting' one book a month is not, alone, enough to justify it.

C) However, as a customer already, I'll happily take the value-add.

D) I'll go try myself, but wonder if anyone knows - is this just for Kindle Hardware owners, or those of us who use Kindle reader on other platforms?


Haven't signed up for Prime yet, but plan to when the Kindle Fire I have on order for my wife arrives. Between the free shipping, the music library and now this, we'll easily make up the cost of the service.


I'm allowed to borrow as many dead-tree books from my local library every year, no fees :-)

But, I guess if you're into the Kindle thing, this is a bonus for you. I'm not "there" yet.


@kcjones99: Gizmodo says it only works with Kindle hardware, not with Kindle apps on other platforms.


@kmeltzer: hey I still read those and Collect them!! I happen to have an 1st edition of "Gone With The Wind"! Also have a paperback of Ann Pilburies recipes that the cookbook came from! I LOVE old books espcially if they are cookbooks! But I do like the "Green effect" it might have to save one of those-not dead yet, tress" LOL Merry Christmas!