questionsis there anyone here that might have been a part…


Has this place been around that long?


I've been here all along (with brief intermissions).

Enough with the mystery. Ask your questions.

I see that it's all about BKIndustries.


@shrdlu: As usual, you're funny & interesting. "Intermissions?" Excellent way to put it. I'm on one now. Have responded to a few questions. Still lurking. Perhaps, still hoping... In reality, I'm not quite that naive. Or stupid. (Others may disagree.)

Some of the most recent questions hit the mark. One is this one.

Really? Does anyone care? IMO, NOT about deals.woot. Not woot w/it's twodyninetybillion daily offerings. Exaggerating? Of course. SO many items per day might be okay if there was an efficient way to search woot. And, I repeat myself once again...a shopping cart system. Woot is not an *easy, customer-friendly site.

Deals woot? Please.....

Oh, and to directly answer the OP. Nope. Not been here that long. But , as usual, I digress.. Sorry.


@gmwhit: ♥. I have angered someone...hence the single downvote on the responses. Que sera, sera.


@robingraves: Have learned that you do not need to 'anger' anyone. Down votes are...the simple way for sock puppets to make their mark. Or mark their territory. Or simply...pee on you. None of that makes any sense to me.

Again, what I say makes no difference. There will be down votes...some of which, I believe, are made by staff. "You're either in, or you're out." (Quote from that lovely Heidi Klum.)


@gmwhit: Welcome to Wootel California. "You can check out any time you like, but you can't ever have a shopping cart."


@jsimsace: Yes! No shopping cart ever; according to 'someone' on staff...'we can't do that.' (No offense intended to the innocent employee. She cannot change protocol. Or...what the PTB thinks is best. Sad.

Really? Okay! And you just might lose customers because of that. (Oh, and you will!) BUT, your (woot's arrogance) will prevail. It'll be okay. Really, it will. Ignore what so MANY are saying.


Yes, I be here long time. No, I no share my parking space.


I have been here since day one, and before that with the original Woot! site. Like any old cranky curmudgeon, I liked Woot! better in the 'good old days' when a BOC was a BOC and could actually be had with persistence and a little luck.


Cedar City is about a 3.5 hour drive for me... you want I should pay someone a visit?


BK Industries? Are we allowed to say that without getting a mouthful of soap?

Here's some info: The current solar wind speed is 397.3 km/sec. That's 888734.78 mph, pretty amazing if you ask me.


@xdavex: BKIndustries.. oh those were the days..