questionsstarbucks or coffee bean?


How about coffee beans from starbucks?


Starbucks tend to taste "over-roasted", aka burnt.


Depends on how you drink your coffee (used to work in the biz).

@narfcake is right in that Starbucks routinely over-roasts (some would say burns) their coffee because most of what Starbucks sells is milk and flavoring. They roast to intensity so the coffee flavors can be tasted through all the other stuff that gets thrown in.

So if you're drinking your coffee black, there are many better choices than Starbucks - Starbucks doesn't expect you to drink theirs black, and roasts accordingly.

Used to be that milk was a coffee modifier - now, it's the other way around.


Starbucks is horrible coffee. When I have gotten it because of need (in a B&N or something) I get a large one and ask them to leave a lot of room because I need to doctor it with milk and sweetener to make it palatable.

A restaurant around here started serving Seattle's Best coffee, which was just as bad. People complained so much, they switched back to whatever it was they used previously.

By my estimates, Seattle doesn't know coffee as much as they think.


Since the only thing I want in my coffee is coffee, I stay far, far away from Starbucks. Their "excuse" for over roasting the beans is a crock. Anyone here ever had a real Italian cappuccino, or one made in Bavaria? They are delightful, and the beans are a light espresso roast, NOT burnt. I'm appalled (or sometimes amused) that Starbucks can make swill, but if they charge enough for it, people will think it MUST be good.

If I'm out and want coffee, I'll go to one of the places with cheap coffee (McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts) that will at least be drinkable.


We don't have Coffee Bean in my area.

I like coffee at Starbucks. I don't think Starbucks coffee tastes burnt at all. However, we have Caribou Coffee around here and their coffee always tastes burnt to me.


I generally brew my own coffee (drip maker at work, french press at home).

While I'll drink coffee black, I prefer it with a bit of half-n-half or whole milk (2% works). No sugar. I usually don't make or drink espresso or cappuccino, though they are good as well.

When I buy brewed coffee, it is almost never Starbucks, as I believe I get better quality and value at 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and most other coffee shops.


I used to think that those were the only two options until I opened my eyes and realized that there's so many local coffeehouses in my city. I can walk to 5 from my apartment, not including Starbucks or Coffee Bean, and my favorite coffee comes from a small local one.

That said, I agree that Starbucks usually taste burnt but my experience with Coffee Bean is that their coffee is too watery tasting. I do love their ice-blended drink, the Black Forest, which is coffee with chocolate covered espresso beans and cherries blended together. Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino is a weak substitute.