questionshow do i keep losing points on my triangle?


Looking at your activity, it seems like you haven't added a whole lot of deals or questions. Contribute some quality content, vote for some good deals, and stay active and you'll be black in no time.

Over time, your rep will go down with inactivity. Just be sure the stuff you are adding is valuable.


Click on the Leaderboard link up there at the top and it'll give you tips on what you can do to improve your rep.


And don't speak your mind if it isn't a popular thought. There is a massive hive mind around here.


@druke: You think? I hold many "unpopular opinions" and and I never really saw them effect my Rep.
I think that in any community it is OK to disagree.
However, I have to admit that I don't have a "fan club" lol


@atd15: I agree. Sometimes you go out on a limb, and find that there's actually a lot of support. Trolling, on the other hand, isn't looked upon favorably here, so posting something like "Apple sucks" in an iPod deal thread isn't going to get you a lot of love.

Of course, there will always be haters. I never understand people who will downvote you just because they disagree. The other day someone asked the question "do you believe in the devil". I answered, with no commentary, and was downvoted by several people over it. Weird.


@atd15: I think it does go against the "Awesomeness" rating if you have a lot of downvotes.. Not 100% sure however.


@druke: honestly I always try to upvote unpopular opinions when I see them just for the person having the balls to post an unpopular opinion. I don't know I'm sure I've posted a few and they don't always get downvoted. I was going to give some advice but what's the point? Lichme already answered and he would know best.


@factoryoutletstore: Except lots of things I think are good deals don't go anywhere. It seems like the only type of items guaranteed to get a lot of upvotes are free food, tech and ironic stuff. I think more people vote on whether they like the item itself than whether is is a good deal.


Stop downvotong ohcheri. ;-)


I went off-line for several days (anniversary trip with DH) and dropped from my black triangle for the first time since last fall. Posted a question that was of interest to me, but didn't get get much response. I'm creeping back up the ladder, but don't have the time right now to do much about it.

Funny thing about the deals we post, some that I think are great or at least pretty interesting get little response or none at all. Things I pass over I see later on the front page as trending pretty high. Some deals are really good or really bad, but I think that a lot of the voting is a matter of timing. If you post something at a time of day when a lot of voters aren't paying attention to the fresh posts, it might slip several pages back before those folks start voting and remain unnoticed. Also, there is a "halo effect" around some types of deals, such as memory cards. They tend to garner lots of upvotes and everyone wants to be on that bandwagon, so they get even more votes. JMHO


@moondrake I agree. I have some books posted. One has 50 votes, another just a few, and I really could not have predicted which one people would like. I have decided not to worry about it and just keep posting books, even though they frequently don't get noticed even though they are great books for free. I think it is why I am stuck around 96-97 most of the time (which doesn't bother me, but I would like to hit the top ten just ONCE, just to know I did :).


@atd15: I have to agree with @druke. Any repeat/ similar question often gets downvoted into oblivion, and certain opinions definitely go with a hive mind attitude.

That's not to say you shouldnt post/ ask something that might be unpopular, but it certainly runs the risk of being downvoted.

That said, the couple of things I have posted that went against the hive (so to speak) didn't seem to affect me too negatively either. Consistently posting things that get downvoted though, will probably yield a negative effect.

The best general strategy is just to stay active. I don't post deals super often (most of what I find someone already posted), but I keep a black triangle by voting, logging in daily, and posting questions somewhat regularly. I do answer often, I suppose, but that's just one part of the equation.


Triangles only have 3 points, so you should be careful D:


I'm new here and just made my first "woot" yesterday, so I can finally vote. I'm still learning how things work, so I wanted to thank the poster who asked the question and the responses, because it helps me learn. As a senior citizen, though, I'd say don't sweat the small stuff. And I really mean it. Life is way too short to worry about what everyone else thinks. I have found some online communities can't handle disagreement and see any disagreement as an argument. To me, it's the spice of life to have differences, and also a lot depends on how you express something.


@belyndag: You're at 99 -- how much more "creeping up" can you possibly do [grin]?


Oh, yes. I worry about that a lot, too. I see myself in the future, on my deathbed, with a visitor asking me if I have any regrets about my life. I will grab her/his hand, look worriedly into his/her eyes, and say with my dying breath: "Oh, Yes! {gasp - pause to slowly inhale} I should have .. spent .. less time with family {sucking air sound} .. and .. worked .. more on my {long pause to inhale} {cough} WOOT rep." {key sad music} Image of dead body looking longingly toward the laptop. CUT.


@druke: I almost down-voted you just for bringing it up ;)


Not enough posts about zombies or bacon.


@druke: True that. I can't say anything retarded or try to act like a troll without getting down-voted so hard. Lol.