questionsis this socially acceptable?


This is the unwritten rule of the deli counter and it happens at every place I go to from Wal-Mart to the local Italian place. I usually don't mind because who wants to sit there and watch some old lady buy 1/4 lb of 75 different meats, tasting each one as she goes?

In your circumstance, I think the lady was a little tardy to have her place held and should have taken another number. It isn't like this is the line for a new iPhone


no, it's actually pretty rude. especially when the number was called 20 minutes ago.


Sounds like she grabbed a number and went off to do other things instead of wasting time waiting around. At that point, I suppose she was nice enough to even grab a number instead of just busting her way up in line. That being said, she could have just grabbed a number that someone else had dropped which explains why she was so far back.

Regardless of the reason, it is pretty rude and she should have been told to hit the back of the line. People try to be nice but in the end it just gets them walked over because people then figure out what they can get away with.


That exact thing (but, different numbers) happened to me about a year ago. I not only complained to the deli person (who didn't care more than just apologizing half-heartedly) but I also complained to the store manager. The manager gave me all my deli items for free.


I had that happen to me recently. Didn't bother me, I figured there were 36 people in line in front of me and it didn't much matter what order they got served in as long I I got served 37th. I'd agree her behavior was rude, if I were her I'd have asked to be served next rather than in front of you. If I were the worker that's also what I would have done, told her I would help her right after you as your number had already been called. But there's enough to make me unhappy in the world without letting stuff like that drag me down.


Is it acceptable? No. Is it rude. Yes. Would you or I do it. No. At this point I think I'd inwardly growl, and just let it go.

Maybe consider it your "Random Act of Kindness" for the day. "Kindness" being the key word. As opposed to what you'd really like to say or do to her.


She probably never had a number to begin with. Just looked at what number they were on and claimed to have a number that had already been called. Picked a number back far enough that the person with that number would be gone, and the counter person wouldn't remember if a number that far back had been missed.

Well played, lady. Rude, but well played.


Why are we still taking little paper numbers anyway? Can't we get a text or something when it's about to be our turn?


Everytime something like this happens, I think, "How Rude!" Then I find out later there was some bit of information that I did not know that totally changes my perspective. I bet she had some sort of sliced meat emergency. I wouldn't want that weighing on my conscience...


I've seen this a few times, or things like it. The deli counter attendant is usually just going to let it go because someone who would do something like this is the same kind of person who is going to start a fight and make things even worse.


@curli76: Sure. You just agree to follow me around the store so they can text you to tell my that it's my turn.


@wnyx585am: I've tried telling people that I needed a pound of prosciutto or I was going to die. No dice.

If the person who missed their number being called asks if he/she can cut in front of me/us before doing so, I'll allow it. That little bit of feigned courtesy is all I need to avoid going berserk. If they expect to be serviced before me without asking, I'll do this:

What I do is let that person go ahead of me, then say to the person's face that he/she is a bad person and sort of shame them into not doing it ever again. I guilt them into knowing that this is not acceptable and they should feel awful about it. As they are telling the deli worker how thin they want their mortadella, I'll actually say, "Do you understand why this is wrong? Do you really understand?"

On a side note: I never make someone who is serving me (especially food) work harder than they need to nor argue with/blame them for something out of his/her control. Since it was her final call, I would go with it.


Eh, I dont like it, but it doesnt bother me too much. Did she mess up and get the easy way out? Yes. But, because her number was not called, the line moved quicker to get to you. If she wouldnt have left you would have waited about the same time as you did anyway.
In the great scheme of things it didnt make too much of an impact, other than being a little frustrating. Plus, now you know that you can do it!


i guess at least she did get a number?

i hate people who cut, period. just a few weeks ago i took lunch at the nearest mall to return something i bought, and decided to swing by the food court instead of going home for food.

i stood in line in front of this chinese food vendor, where you get to pick 2 or 3 items combo'd. there was only a single customer in front of me. i stood in front of the glass counter, pondering what i should order. a lady came up and stood behind me for a good 5 minutes as the previous person was getting everything she ordered, and when she left with her food, the lady behind me just walked up in front to the register and started barking her order for food.

after she left, the girl at the counter asked for the next customer, and this other lady who just came motioned her to me, and said it's my turn. i thanked this new lady for her courtesy and told her the previous one just cut me off. the girl at the counter just smiled, didn't apologize for it or anything.