questionswho plays magic the gathering?


Never been to a tournament or a fnm thing, but I do play with friends now and then.

This is my favorite card:

especially right after using this on myself:


I started playing MTG during Revised, then stopped when Ice Age came out until I restarted with Lorwyn. When I stopped playing the first time I gave my cards to a young neighborhood kid, including a full playset of dual lands. Derp.

I used to draft at FNM, play in pre-releases and releases, as well as sealed and standard tournaments.

It was fun, but I spent a lot of time studying the game and as I took on other interests I just play at home now. We enjoy playing EDH/Commander here at the house now.


I have friends who play it every week. I just never could get into it.


I played when it first came out, and still have a ton of alpha and beta cards I'd like to get rid of if anyone knows of any legitimate sites or places to sell them I'd love to know. Thought about e-bay, but I've got a couple hundred cards, and don't want to sell them as a lot, as I think I've got some rare cards.


I've wanted to try to get into it, looks interesting. At the same time it also looks kinda complicated? What is the barrier of entry like?


@spacemonkey6401: Let me know if you're still interested in selling those alpha and beta cards.