questionsdo your pets have any weird , irrational…


I don't find that behavior to be irrational at all. You said that it was man made fibers, and that it came from overseas somewhere. They're not afraid of it; they think it smells bad. Personally, I'd put it in a donation bin somewhere, and be done with it. What good does it do you in a bag?

I often trust the opinions of animals and small children over adults.

I don't currently have any animals of my own, but I've had plenty over the years. Long ago, we had a dog that loved to pick flowers, and although dogs have "challenged" color vision, he was very selective. He went for red first, and he could be seen carrying the same red tulip around for two or three days. If there were no red flowers, orange was next, then purple. Blue flowers didn't interest him.

[Instructive Wikipedia on contents of man-made fleece:

According to a brief perusal, high static electricity could also be discouraging the cats.]


Oh it will go to the donation bin ! Bag just temporary. Haven't gotten that far yet.

They love regular polartec fleece. Other blankets and throws, no problem. So not the static. {Plus I use humidifiers to keep that at a minimum after the furnace goes on for the season} It's just this one throw.
It has been washed a couple times --- I always wash stuff like that before using.
I washed again when he didn't like it. Unscented detergent.

I agree with you , they are smart and I believe very intuitive. That is why it creeps me out. What is secretly woven in this blanket or was put on it or in it ??

Love your flower picking dog story. Did he ever bring them to you ? or he just liked to carry them around ?


@ceagee: It wasn't actually a welcome behavior (the flower picking). It took us a few days to figure out what was going on with the Emperor tulips (a bright red variety, and first flower to bloom in the Spring). He was part Australian Shepherd, and not much good at herding. He might have been fine as someone's pet, but in the country, there's only two types of animals. Useful, or food.

I know that seems cold, but it's honest.

The neighbors were disappointed when we had our cat spayed, because she was an outstanding mouser. Kittens learn what prey is from their mothers, and her kittens all found homes. She was just a little bit of a thing (around seven pounds), and very pretty (calico, moderately long fur), and lethal. She also chased off any dogs that didn't belong.

Trust me, there's nothing funnier than a dog rushing towards a cat, assuming there's going to be a chase, and suddenly realizing they've had an error in judgement. I still miss that cat.


I don't understand why my rabbit one day decided to start scratching backs when people are laying on the floor, but I'm not complaining.

Also one time after cleaning his litter box he became terrified of it. I had to dump the littler and wash it out really thoroughly before I could convince him to come near it. I don't know if there was a strange smell in the litter I was using or what but getting more from the same bag seemed to be okay.


A friend bought a dog bed that her dog wouldn't sleep on and gave it to me. My dog won't lay on it either. I just stuck it under his regular bed on his hammock. Simba loves to smell plants and flowers. He shoves his whole head into a bush and inhales deeply. In the summer we have to stop at every flower bed. This weekend he discovered my little ficus tree and has been mauling it by trying to bury his big head in it. He has a very strong streak of what I call "checking for snakes", where he has to circle and poke and rake at his bed extensively before lying down. When he's stressed he will do that to his bed or the floor, poking and raking and whining and take forever to actually settle down. I sometimes have to intervene and make him lie down. Simba sits on furniture like a human, butt on the seat, feet on the floor. Simba also loves to hold hands. His love seat is perpendicular to the sofa, and he and my friend will sit there holding hands for hours while we watch TV.


Doc, my 11 year old black and white cat is very wary of shoes, particularly crocs, left anyplace other than where they were last time he saw them. When he see them he will approach them slowly, crouched down, circling around a couple of times. These can be the same shoes I was wearing 10 minutes ago, they're just not where he expected them I guess. But it's just shoes. He's fine with my backpack, pillows or just about anything else on the floor in odd places. Interestingly he's taught 4 year old Mars (a recent addition to the family) to be wary of them as well.


@gt0163c: No offense intended, but I don't find it irrational or weird that your cat is wary around crocs. I am, too. ;-)


When we take our dog our to poop we have to make sure we have plenty of time. The reason she is so slow is because of this ritual she has to complete every single time she poops at home. She walks in circle starting with large circles then spiraling inward. once she has zeroed in on the perfect spot she squats and starts walking (sometimes a very long distance) to find the next perfect spot. she then proceeds to poop. if anything distracts her she has to start over. This doesn't happen everywhere just our house and the in laws. its kind of exhausting.


My dog will occasionally spin around in circles jumping up and down growling on top of his bed, then roll around on it as if scratching his back. He will continue to growl and sometimes bark at the bed as he gets up, spins some more, then attempts to dig a hole in his bed. After that he usually chews on a bone and then goes to bed for the night.