questionsdo you go to sears anymore?


Reading your post in Andy Rooney's voice is hilarious.

I occasionally go to Sears if I'm looking for a tool. That's about it.


I bought a door lock at one sears and tried to return at another sears but was told I had to go to a sears that sold door locks to return it. I was mad at that. Otherwise, I just go when they have good black Friday sales or when I take my car in


I went to sears to pickup my online order.


TOOLS!! I love the tool sales and stop in every so often to check the yellow tag clearance & closeout items... Some good & some great Deals... I pass 2 different stores each day on the way to work and have a 3rd within easy striking distance in the opposite direction...

Sadly the tool departments and selection have been shrinking... Last weekend I was checking for some closeout deals and found Christmas decorations in the middle of one store's tool department... Tool Sacrilege...


I was just there and had to pick up a 13mm 6pt 1/2" socket. Thankfully they had one.


Yes. I shop at Sears regularly. Don't always buy things, but I still shop there.


Yep! Sure I do.
They happen to be close to me.
I've had good service in store and online.
I can shop online, compare options.
If Sears offers the item/price I want, I pick up there and at the same time check with the sales staff to see if I missed and option or discount.

My last items?
Two new tires.
A 2.5 ton floor jack.
A 100 ft outdoor extension cord.

FWIW -- I have three Sears garden hoses I bought 36 years ago. They had a 25-yr warranty. Still in use.


I love the Wolverine work boots they sell there. Or rather, my feet do.
I also buy tools there.


It's been 15 years, but shopping at Sears still makes me think of this:

I hardly ever shop there. Maybe walk through it if I go to the old mall where it's by all the empty parking spaces. But then again, I hardly ever go to the mall.


I check it out when I need to look for a new appliance and have had good luck with Craftsman hand tools but I never even think about it for any clothing or home items.


I just bought a 10" T-Fal pan from Sears for $9 on clearance. I don't go regularly(And god only knows why I was at a mall this time of year) But when I am there, I always check out Housewares for things that are marked 50-80% off. I guess maybe I'll start checking out the tools section too.


When I was a kid, we purchased a lot of stuff from the Sears Catalog: clothes, appliances, tools, etc. and mostly did pick up at the local store. I still have the Craftsman Steel Workbenches (gray with red drawers and particle board tops) from over 30 years ago: still rock solid.

Over the years though, we got less and less stuff from the Sears catalog and after my mother died we pretty much stopped shopping there at all, especially after they moved the local Sears Auto to an inconvenient location.

Now, I rarely go into any stores (other than grocery stores) just to shop (as opposed to buy). For Sears, I generally go there only to pick up online orders.


sears. Only shop for the tools. Used to be they had a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked to exchange tools, but from what I understand, this has changed a bit. I'm not sure this is the case anymore, but I've never had a reason to check it.

A couple of things bother me about Sears... it is all over the place.. sometimes K-Mart has the tool you need, sometimes it's in the wearhouse, and sometimes it's in another store entirely. Not bad to shop online this way, but in person, it sucks.

Sears used to make good stuff, like Kenmore Appliances, but I find anything with a moving part something to stay away from if it has a Sears brand name on it.

And one gripe about their tools. Unless you buy tools in a large package, you feel like you are being cheated. You can by a whole rachet set for say $30-$40, but if you lose one of the sockets, you are looking at a $5 replacement cost. That irritates me!


Yes, I do. Sears is my favorite department store.

Shopping there takes me back to when I was younger and department stores like Dilliard's, Joske's, Sears, Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penney's and Frost Bros anchored the malls.

I can remember going to the mall with my father to buy clothes at Montgomery Wards, J.C. Penney's and Dilliard's and tools, furniture and appliances from Sears and Montgomery Wards. My mother would shop at Joske's, Frost Bros and Dilliards for clothes and accessories.

But Joske's, Montgomery Wards and Frost Bros. are gone. Sears, Dilliard's and J.C. Penney's are the last of that breed. Dilliard's has been upscale for as long as I can remember. J.C. Penney's was clothes and housewares before reinventing itself. Sears has changed somewhat, but it still feels like the old days.


@rprebel: I read the questions here whenever I'm looking for tools.

honestly, though, this question made me realize how long it's been since I shopped there. Thew town moved out of 7 years ago had a sears close to where I lived, so I'd be there almost once per week... Now it's just a hassle to drive to the closest one, and I can't even remember where the closest one is!

It's kind of sad seeing things change so much over the years; I remember when sears, JCpenney's and maybe Macy's at the mall were the go-to places for christmas shopping, now I just check the ads in the sunday paper for any deals that are close by, or order online. So many retailers of my childhood are gone, and I'm not that old... Mervyn's, Montgomery wards, circuit city, etc.


I still buy all my appliances from sears. Maybe I am old fashioned.


I bought a Craftsman miter saw from Sears in the spring. Bought it online and picked it up in the store. Other than that, not really,


We have a Sears charge so it made it very convenient to "play with Sears' money" when our stove and washing machine gave up the ghost just about at the same time. I was able to afford the pricey stove I have been wanting for well over a year and a washing machine. I have six months to pair them off, interest free. Six months free money.
Can't wait to for Thursday to pull out all the stops and use that "half rack" for the turkey!

Sears is definitely not the Sears of my childhood. I miss the toy department AND the little hot roasted nuts corner. I have fond memories of sharing a bag of warm salty cashews with my mother while my dad tool shopped.


I go there for the Land's End clothes.


They lost my business a long time ago. I bought a frig, paid cash and they changed the delivery date from the next day to 6 weeks. I told the sales person I can't wait 6 weeks for a frig and asked for a refund which would take weeks to return and would be credited to my sears account, even thought I paid cash. Then the sales guy got mad at me and told me not to use the appliance till they could pick it up from my house. We ended up talking to the manager.


I thought about this a lot over the years. When I got married it seemed everyone got their first credit card from Sears, as did we. Sears was one of the first stores to go to for whatever was needed in your new apt, home, etc. Then there was an explosion of choices in stores and prices and models (lots of these stores have since come & gone), and Sears really took a back seat. Now, I don't know anyone who shops there anymore. Personally, I can't remember the last time I've been in a Sears.


I walk through Sears every time I visit the mall, mostly because their lot seems to have the best (or only) parking remotely near an entrance. Last time it was to pick up some new pillows at Macy's, but Sears had a great sale on their Sealys, so I was spared lugging fluffy wonderfulness halfway across the mall. True, Sears doesn't have the charm it held when I was 7 and waiting for the Wishbook to come out so I could cut and paste my way to the best Christmas list ever, but it's still a useful store for me.


I still go there sometimes. Most recently to pick up a red Craftsman workbench I ordered online but could pick up there to save shipping. I have fond memories of buying Super Nintendo games at the "Sears Funtronics" counter back in the 90's. Played StarFox when it first came out at the kiosk for 15 minutes and knew immediately I needed to beg my parents for it.


If they have a good deal on something, I will go there. I just bought a dishwasher there that was cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes.


Yes I do, but I prefer the Sears website, they are kinda like Amazon in that even if they don't carry something, they have other companies that sell via there site, so you can pretty much find anything.


i went at night on black friday to pickup my online doorbuster order. i stack up on their bedsheet sets, they have cool designs and good prices if you can snag the doorbuster (webpage buster?) prices.
plus i go to the merchandise pickup and they hand me my order. no picking through shelves, waiting in line to pay... there was literally nobody in front of me and they handed me my order in like a minute. so i like their "pay online, pickup when you want, even if the item is no longer available in the store or at that price, don't pay for shipping" service