questionshow can i tell if a user has been banned?


There is no way for you to tell without asking someone who has the ability to disable a user.


Agreed. I have been flagging one particular user for weeks, who was posting their personal eBay listings in violation of the posting guidelines (low transaction count, used items, less than 10 available, etc.) and then that user went inactive and the exact same deals are being posted by another new user. The old username is still showing up when I do a search, but with no recent activity. It would make sense to completely delete their account and have a 'user not found' message as a search result. My guess is that disabling an account does not actually delete it.


It is my understanding that the only users who have ever been banned are vendors. Of course, this could include the one that zippy is flagging.


@belyndag: I believe there are also a lot of vendor owned shill accounts that were also banned in the great purge. Or at least there should have been. It's hard to continue the upkeep without being able to see if thats true or not.


@nmchapma: Not sure how much staff can comment on this, but perhaps @prettywootprincess can share some info on purging.


@belyndag: Would that by any chance be someone posting deals on ebay?


I wonder how difficult it would be (both technically and, um, legally) to make change to the way a user name is listed if the name has been banned.

I'm thinking of the way deals are RIP'd; the deal is still there, but we can all see that it's dead.

A demarcation like this would make tattling a lot more efficient. I hate to waste staff/mod time with an already-handled problem, but I also hate to miss the shills, socks, and faux-individual merchant posters.