questionswhat class microsd is best with a tablet?


It depends on how you'll be using it actually. If just for storage a lower speed would work, but if it'll be getting accessed frequently [ie. movies, videos, games, etc.] you'll want a faster (higher class) card.


I'd say Class 10--the faster the better.


A higher class is only needed if you plan to use it for transferring files (large or often). If the plan is to fill it will music and the like, and then just put it in the tablet for use, a lower class will be just fine.


I have never noticed any differences in class outside of transferring large files onto the card or for rapid-fire camera shots. During normal everyday operation class 4 and class 10 perform exactly the same. I doubt you'll be doing any very-rapid camera shots with a tablet...and exercise a tiny amount of patience while transferring those 6 movies from your PC to the tablet. Class 4 I say. Cheap. Effective enough for your needs.


Normally I'd say it depends on what you're looking to do but Class 10 cards have gotten so cheap that there really isn't any reason to not get them. We're talking about a few dollars difference.


thanks to everyone. it's going to be mostly for ebooks and music so I'll look for a nice cheap one in the highest class I can, but not worry if it's less than ten.. it's amazing how fast it feels like the internal memory can fill up.