questionsi want a 50"+ led tv and i want to pay $620 or…


You might check over at They have reviews ( mostly from Amazon) and tell you which models are the best deals . You can sigh up to be notified when the one you want goes on sale.
You can click what features/what kind you are looking for and they will give you a list and you can go from there.

Good luck !

Plus of course, they always have a tv pop up at least once a week on main woot. or so it seems......


@ceagee: Thanks, but I ended up just being impulsive and I bought this 55" used for $627 ($7 over my price range, I know, I know, I betrayed myself) so I'm pretty happy with how all this turned out. It's 5" bigger than the other TV I was looking at and has way, way more reviews, most of which are super positive.


Check with your local electronic stores. Best Buy usually has some sweet open box deals.


@thomasella: My suggestion was going to be Craigslist.