questionsdo you regret signing up for free knives?


I almost bought at the bait. Conventional wisdom told me there had to be a catch, so I decided if I really wanted the knives i'll pay the 10 dollars and get them somewhere else. So far I haven't wanted them and my mailbox is spam free so I'm still good.


I regret it.... I hate filling up my trash bin with their overpriced underquality product-catalogs


I got suckered into it. I'm going to start calling them to get off the mailing list.

Never again.


Doesn't bother me...The Hubby likes looking at their magazine. =)


I think I remember un-checking the box that said I'd like to receive emails because I've never gotten one from them. But I have gotten some catalogs in the mail.

vote-for9vote-against is another way to combat the junk mail. Every business that I have had contacted stopped mailing me, and quickly... with the exception of Oriental Trading Company. They never stop. Never. Ever.


'Guillotine Enthusiast Monthly' ROFLOL. Upvoted.


I'm definitely going to try those sites, hopefully they get the hint