questionsis dw broken again?


Seems to be working for me. It might just be typical slow Saturday at deals.


@pitamuffin: If you look at some of the Fresh deals you will see there are no clicks/views registered. Even the deal I mentioned above that finally went Popular is not showing any clicks/views.


@ohcheri: There are no normal days. In addition, this is the weekend. Traffic has dropped off dramatically (and no, I'm not going to mention specifics, for various reasons), and is less on the weekends normally, in any case.

I just used the clever trick provided by Shawn a few days ago, just to see if it still worked. It does. Please use the following links, and see if that makes a difference in what it is you see. I note there are zero expired deals until page two, so I'm giving you page two in each case. Yes, this is the popular page, and yes, I noticed that you were talking about fresh as well. I'll look at that in a minute.

Anomalies always interest me. Always.

Deals users have been divided into three groups, and this division may still be active. I was in the variation=2 group (which sucks, since expired deals are invisible to me).

Fresh is next.


@shrdlu: When I click on the second deal on the Popular tab, it shows normal click/view activity:

But when I click on the latest deal on the Popular tab there are zero clicks/views:

What do you see?


@ohcheri: Interesting. I'm still trying to pinpoint when it broke. There are no views or clicks registered for things posted at least an hour ago, and three hours ago seems fine (as of 1:30PM Pacific, approximately).

Back in a few...

[Edit: I've verified that it's broken. Before I drag the boys from their weekend, I'm just trying to verify where, approximately.]

Bingo: This deal has one click, one view, and has clearly been viewed at least twice.

@shawnmiller @josefresno @mattschuette

Sorry to disturb your weekend, but it appears that things are a bit busted.

It's on both sides, since this question has not been "viewed," either.


I'm not positive about the Asus deal, but the one posted just a bit after has no views or clicks.

Okay, back to other things. If someone doesn't show up in the next hour, I'll try other avenues.


Our click/view counter is acting all cranky and tired... The poor thing has finally decided it needed a break. We are looking into it.


@shrdlu: You are the ultimate embodiment of coolness. IMNSHO, anyway.


Oops I clicked on the destruct button, sorry.


@josefresno: I just asked a question and indicated I wanted Emails of answers. The answers arrived but not the Emails. I admit that Yahoo is somewhat unreliable but I usually receive my emails from woot. Perhaps the automatic Emails are malfunctioning.


Some good news. I have started to receive Emails from My question. I only missed out on two Emails or so. No loss to Me.