questionsis there a special reason why "free" blockbuster…


It's just a pre-authorization charge to make sure you have the money on the card/account in the event you for keep it longer. It should go away in about a week.


@llamabox: if it showed up on his statement, they're not pre-auths

You should contact BB support and ask them why.


Sounds like u turned them in late. Suppose to be in by 9pm the following day if u rented before 12am


Redbox requires you turn them in by 9PM, but some states are 8PM. Watch out for that, but yeah, when I had issues with them, I rented the same movie 3 times from 2 different terminals and it was scratched and unwatchable, they gave me 3 free rental codes. They are quick to try to keep their customers.


Redbox does the same thing to me with the free codes, however, after about a week it shows up that the dollar was deposited back into my account. So long as you return it on time, you should be fine. If you're finding that it's not getting deposited back, I'd contact BB about it.


Careful of the return times with Blockbuster, they are notorious for clock watching :(


I turned them in on time, so it isn't that. I'll contact them in a week or so.


@capguncowboy: Ha, it's SHE to you, mr.capguncowboy!
Had to.


Sounds very Blockbustery to me. Watch out for the late fees. Maybe their business model hasn't changed much in the last 15 years.