questionsi spilled the beans! can anyone help??


Also, I'm not sure where the phrase "I spilled the beans/Don't spill the beans/etc." came from.

Clearly what I experienced today was not what I thought that phrase represented all this time!

I did have to go there with it though, haha, because I did literally spill the beans!


The origins of the phrase may or may not be more convoluted than whatever happened to befoul your car with beans:

The good news, I guess, is that your car's seat can undoubtedly be removed. Do this - it'll let you clean the upholstery without having to crawl around in the car, and it'll let you access the floorboards underneath for easier cleanup there, too. Gently scrape up everything you can. Then clean the stains with either a carpet/upholstery cleaning product (like Resolve), an enzymatic cleaner (like Nature's Miracle), or something homemade like vinegar-water solution. You may need to use more than one.

You could also leave this job to a car detailing professional... but I assume they'll charge you quite a bit to do the job, and may not do as thorough of a job as you can. I've had to get all sorts of things out of my car interior (cat urine, garlic sauce, red clay mud) and you can do it, it just takes effort.


i've used odorcide and odoban on lots of nasty smells. they work great.


Call Click & Clack. I am sure they'll have an answer. You can also go to and do a search. I am sure people have spilled far worse things in their car.....

Good Luck!


When I brought my cat home from the shelter for the first time in their cardboard take home box, she watery vomited all over and it seeped through the box onto my seat. My car smelled like tuna/wet cat food since it was about 80 degrees out and it dried instantly. After about a week of trying to clean it every day with different cleaners and using about an entire bottle of febreeze, I finally brought it to one of those places you pay to vacuum your car and they had an upholstery cleaner. I soaked my seat with their cleaner and scrubbed it for about 5 minutes straight with the brush attachment. After I cleaned out all the cleaner and let it air dry, the smell was finally gone! I think I paid maybe $5 and it was nice to not have to purchase any equipment to get it clean. My advice is to find an upholstery cleaner (with a good scrubber attachment) and scrub the heck out of it. You want to make sure you clean it, not just mask the smell.


Get a small dog (Chihuahua or similar), don't feed it for a day or two, then let it loose in your car. Problem solved.


@90mcg112: Dude, it's PEOPLE FOOD.. you could have just fed that thing a rib dinner and it'd decimate those beans in no seconds flat :)
Also, if you don't have a Chihuahua a small child can be substituted.

@renegadetim: "the majority of them are in a pool underneath the passenger seat" lol does that mean they're STILL there?

I'd say shopvac (wet/dry vac) would be a good option.


Flashback to Kramer and the can of Beef-A-Reeno.

Sprinkle some baking soda on there after you're done scrubbing to neutralize the odor. It doesn't have bleach in it so it doesn't leach the color. If the carpet appears lighter after using baking soda, it's because that part of the carpet is cleaner than the rest of it.


Original powdered oxyclean and scrub brush... it has worked on carpet for me, cleaning up both smell and stains that are worse than beans. If your carpet is dark test it for discoloration first!