questionsso pop.woot is going to be like a 6 day wootoff?


Sorta, but I'd wager less fast and furious than a woot-off. Probably a specific type of item (holiday stuff) that will change every day and maybe change if the item sells out during the day. I'm sure there will also be holiday specific content in the form of blogs and podcasts for all to enjoy.

I just hope I don't miss anything crappy while at grandma's house with no Internet and dismal cell coverage.


And here I thought they were only going to sell soda. Now it makes more sense.


I'll bet it's more like a woot+ side sale gone bananas.


Probably just whatever junk Amazon tells them to get rid of for them.


When I go to now, I see:

"nothing's popping right now
Sorry, deal fiend. Woot's not currently running a pop-up shop. But we're sure you can find something on one of our regularly scheduled sites to plug your bargain crave-hole.
When's the next Pop.Woot pop-up shop? You'll just have to keep an eye on our main site, our email newsletters, our Daily Digest emails, our Twitter feed, or our Facebook page to find out. Miss it at your peril!"


@bsmith1: I think you are probably correct. They won't want something fast-paced (LOL...Dyson, anyone?) like a woot-off used to be when a lot of people won't be available to participate. Kinda like a weekend here.


Sounds like a sweet woot off hybrid to me. Gonna do my best to keep up with what's poppin :)


Looks like just another way for them to sell more stuff.


funny thing happened when I went to pop.woot

I bought 2 bags of popcorn


I believe we can safely say this officially 'jumps the shark'


@broderya: indeed. yet another transition away from being the ol' familiar deal a day woot. i would expect that the amazon folks were left scratching their heads when revenues dipped after their new and exciting changes were implemented, so they try to "innovate" towards mass market appeal to try to right the ship. = of deal sites?


It's official: Woot is Off. This 'pop' thing (Enduring Holidays) is nothing more than another tab w/ONE deal a day. That's right - the posted deal won't change until tomorrow. Oh, and another boatload of plus deals.

So far, I see nothing that I was hoping for...i.e. Changing offers - like a real woot-off. And great buys similar to other sites' Black Friday deals. These seem to be no more than a pale shade of Grey. (Not to be confused w/Shades of Grey, which I hear is a really good book!)