questionswhy are sdxc flash memory cards pretty much non…


my guess is that because no one thinks the prices on them are 'deals' yet.

I won't post something that I find unless i believe it is a deal, and to me, over $1/GB for flash memory, even class 10, is not a deal.


@lxzndr: Agreed. They're just too expensive for the moment. This time next year, hopefully, we'll be seeing some great deals on 64GB cards. Good things come to those who wait.


@lxzndr: You make a great point. Why pay $1.25/GB for a 64GB card when you can buy two 32GB SDHC cards for around $1/GB. Ugh. I guess I will just have to wait longer OR pay the additional $$/GB now. Not really happy with either of those options though. :(


not much demand really. the sdxc compatible devices still haven't saturated the market, people are holding on to their older tech items longer because of the economy.