questionsit is just me or does this community really hateā€¦


Also, the schill and the grilling I mentioned above

and the one that made me feel guilty last night


I hate them and I tell them to get lost. Amazing how 99% of them are not proficient in the English language and can be spotted a mile away.


No, I don't feel bad. But as you've done, they should get a chance to fess up and change their ways. It's more annoying to me when it's pointed out to them and they keep going or don't acknowledge the comments. Although responding can get them in more trouble. :)

Why'd you feel guilty about the question beat down? Seemed like you were all polite, if straightforward. I'm assuming there were an abundance of deals that led to the downvoting?


Is that how they spell shill in england?


@okham: I feel guilty because at the end of the day, they were just doing their job, trying to make a living. The public hanging that sometimes results is hard to watch, I understand when it's justified.

@samstag I've seen the word spelled differently, but apparently shill is the correct spelling after a visit to Oh well... too late to correct the spelling now! haha


@grimskull89: What was that comment about the English language? :)


@mtm2: I only have this to say:

whuts abert da angrish langededge?



@grimskull89: The second one you mentioned was not a "shill" (certainly not in any sense of the word I know). That person was posting deals from a Chinese web site (amusingly hosted in Germany), and making random comments all over the place, including on some questions that were several months old. A shill (as you know, after visiting the dictionary( is someone who does "marketing" for a person or business without disclosing a relationship (like the idiots who suddenly spring up to say how wonderful a product or service is, with a join date of that day).

Nah, that person was merely a shifty little huckster, promoting yet another scammy web site, where anyone who made purchases is going to show up here in a few weeks with a "where's my order" question. Really, for every honorable Meritline drop shipper, there are a hundred Guang Zhou scams, just waiting to take the money of people who ought to have better sense.

So it goes.


@grimskull89: Tattle the question to thunderthighs, tell her the issue and I bet she will eventually fix it. I'm sure it's not high priority, but she's great like that. :)


@jsimsace: Hmm is enforcing the rule that if they are a rep that they should represent their company with a username that reflects their business name something that is worth tattling about?

Or is it just better to do it so that the mods are more aware of the situation? I've just tagged Jumbowoot in the past.


@grimskull89: You missed what he meant. Tattle this question to request that "schill" be corrected to "shill" where you've spelled it wrong.



@shrdlu: Ahh...I do that sometimes, hear (or in this case read) one thing and my brain draws a different conclusion, especially on here with the lack of quotes.

But I'm not terribly worried about the spelling of a word, more interested in the answers this question generates! It's always interesting to get another person's perspective on things, or in this case the community's.


@shrdlu: You are a mind-reader. Sorry I didn't specify my intent in my question...I was multitasking at the moment with my daughter, her cel phone problems and here. You see who lost...she's my last child. :)


@grimskull89: Sorry about the ambiguous reply. Jumbowoot is, I'm certain, very busy. Not that @thunderthighs isn't, or @inkycatz as well. They get the graveyard shift(minus the f sometimes) but always come through.


Who pulled me away from cleaning house!?!?!??!

thank you


@grimskull89: Check your question now. She is the queen of clean-up! @thunderthighs, you're welcome! :)


Are there communities that really love shills?


@thunderthighs and @jsimsace Thank you! >.<

@cleverett: I would think so, if the shill had coupon codes for products that weren't known to the community it was trying to target.

Probably a method they already use to entice people to purchase things.


I welcome shill busters. I thank them mentally when I see the good work they have done. Do you really want to scroll past pages of white triangle 'Nike shoe price super fantastic'?
Be proud of shill busting.


@grimskull89: I'm not going to claim to be the foremost expert on ethics or anything, but you seem to be implying that shilling is more morally acceptable because someone is "just doing their job". That seems like a strange position to take. If anything I'd say it's the opposite, and that doing a deceitful or otherwise immoral action FOR MONEY actually makes it WORSE, if anything.


When it comes to shill busting in general, I'm all for it; it helps promote a community where you are able to trust the members more than you can elsewhere on the internet.

As for the post that you felt "guilty" about, I'm a bit torn. On one hand, the user simply asked a question that could be considered interesting/useful to some - I see nothing wrong with the question in and of itself. On the other hand, if they were also posting a large amount of less-beneficial, self-promoted junk, then that brings down the quality of the site...

I'm not sure if posting a lot of junk means that all of their posts should be jumped on or if it should be on a post-to-post basis.


@grimskull89: So you are just guessing about someone because they have more experience than you do? And you penalize that person by slandering their integrity without knowing a thing about them? Hmmm. I thought maybe you were being honest, but you seem to have internet cop written on your badge, made with crayons. What you should be doing is learning instead.