questionswhat percent off the original price do you thinkā€¦


too much math going on here, i jus look for good deals and buy if it's something i'd need (or maybe want :) )


Part of the equation for me is the standard street price.

If something costs $10, then 20% isn't that big a deal. It's a good deal, but not enough to make me jump on something I was already on the fence about.

But 20% off of $100 item is much more compelling.

20% off a car would be an insane deal.


depends on whether the original price was reasonable or not.


The original price definitely makes a difference. 5% off a $10 item is basically nothing. 5% off a $1,000 item isn't bad.

Generally speaking though, I suppose if something is 20%+ off list I become more inclined to buy it. It's really a grabbag of need/ desire/ the deal/ impulse.

There have been a few times (mostly with video games) that I've bought it despite not having a super high level of interest simply because it's a great deal. These instances have been around 50% or more though. 20% off list for a game of low to moderate interest wouldn't be enough.

I guess it's really circumstantial.


If it is something I can wait for and don't really need AND can anticipate a better sale, 50% off will do it for me.


I don't really look at original price, a lot of things drop in value when new versions come out, so the "Original Price" is the latest technology 1+ years ago. I go by what I would get from another store/site, what I think item X is worth, and can I justify paying whatever the price is.

Looking for deals and wasting money can often go hand in hand.


@anotherhiggins: That makes sense on the short term. But I prefer to look at the % savings versus total dollars to account for the aggregate effect of all my purchases. Sure saving 20% off a car is a pretty good savings, but saving 20% on numerous small items can quickly add up to that same amount or even surpass it. For instance if you find 10 $10 items that are each 20% off, in the long run you are getting the same deal as the 1 $100 item for 20% off that you mentioned in your post.


10% off is a good price.
20% off is a sale.
30% off is a deal.
40% off is a bargain.
50% off is basically "buy one, get one free".
60% off is a steal.
70% off is a clearance.
80% off is too good too pass up.
90% off is a liquidation.
100% off is what usually gets you 5 years in the state penitentiary.


@wingnutzero: 101% OFF (actually being paid by the cashier/store to take their merchandise) is a common occurrence for my family when we coupon shop.