questionswhat do you think about sites that require…


I refuse to participate.

One of the posters likes to claim "x million hits" on his sites. Hitting the sites and buying from them is totally different.


There is only one of these I deal with regularly and it irritates the cr*p out of me. It won't even let you see what the deal of the day IS until you log in, and even then it gives no option for remembering your login or password so you have to enter everything every time. Now that I think of it, I don't like their stuff enough to keep dealing with it. Time to take it off of my watch list!


Not a fan but I get the logic. They only want anyone who is (semi) serious instead of the looky-loos burning up bandwidth. Yes, it may cost them a potential sale but they're willing to take that risk. Plus it gets them contact and at least 1 outbound email before the customer opts out.


It's akin to having to show your ID before you can even enter a store. Would you?

If I'm aware of what they have to offer, perhaps; warehouse store members, for example, fall into this category (but even then it's just the greeter making a glance that you're a member, not ask for you contact information). Otherwise, it's a horrible business idea, especially online, as other stores that don't ask for such are but a mere click away.


When these deals come up, I tend to down vote vote them and I rarely down vote deals. It's kind of like back


It drives me insane. I also refuse to participate. Occasionally I will see something that I am interested in, but if I have to create an account just to find out if I really want it, forget it. Sometimes even if I get all the way to the checkout with regular vendor that I only expect to have this one transaction with and have to create an account (with more info than needed for checking out) I might reconsider the purchase. Sometimes I upvote deals like that before I notice where they are for.

@narfcake: good point about warehouse stores. Interestingly BJs wholesale and Costco allow anyone to look at their website, not sure about others. So even exclusive B&M stores aren't exclusive with the browsing online...and BJs will let you in the store without checking your membership card, you only need it at the checkout. I wonder if allowing everyone to browse online drives more people to become members?


This has been noted before. As I've said before, I don't much like it. I seldom pay attention any more to the deals side, and don't often downvote deals anyway (although I have made exceptions for the truly deserving).

Personally, I'm NEVER going to give my money to any place that wants my information just to look at whatever it is they're selling. I can get it somewhere else. There are costs beyond just the financial when considering a purchase, and having someone insist on my giving them something before I can go look is just not my idea of beneficial (for me). I know there are people who are fans of them (sooner or later, if there are sudden downvotes on all the comments here, you'll know that one of them has found us, since he often does just that).

Even Costco will let you wander around for a day as a guest.


I think they are marketing scam artist.


I occasionally use them but in general don't like them.

I have numerous junk email accounts that I use for these types of sites (and other things that I don't want to give my real contact info to). I periodically purge all of the email sent to these addresses without looking at it. For those (few) sites whose email I do wish to see, the junk accounts have filters that forward those emails to another address that I do read.


Back button.
Next ad, please.
Just like the Nigerian scams, there are enough people falling for it to pay for it.


I don't like it when sites do that either. I'm glad woot doesn't. I don't mind the pop-up reminding me that I'm not currently signed in (it's gotten me a boc that I would've prolly missed otherwise), but like that I can "x" past it if I don't feel like signing in a that time.


Not a fan of them at all. My time is valuable to me, as is my privacy. I don't give up either one easily.


I don't down vote often, but this is one category I sometimes will. I do make an exception for posts that include enough info for me to peek at the item, or find an accurate description elsewhere. For instance, @lll0228: does this, they include a model number, a good description, and whenever possible, a covert link to the item. I think they go the extra mile, so I will not down vote them.

I do think these sites often have sponsored ads, and they probably get paid based on the number of registered users, and this is purely speculative on my part, but probably at a better rate than just hits on a regular site. But I agree it is a poor business model, as it is too much of a bother to deal with, and I can find plenty of other places to shop on the interwebs.


I absolutely refuse to deal with sites like that. I guess they make more money off of the data they collect and sell then anything else.

What's next? Are they going to pull your credit report before they let you buy anything?


Just like facebook apps that want my contact info, I stop when they ask and I click away from the page.


It doesn't bother me a bit. I log in on all kinds of sites I participate in on the interwebz. I also use hidemyass or the Chrome incognito add on. Like many people, I have what I call my "serious" email, and one I use as my junk mail email. There's also bugmenot that you can share logins for websites that force you to register. It's not a big deal nor a deal breaker.

I come to deals.woot to get deals. Sometimes I have to work a little more to get the price I want. It's all part of the game.


It's not just a few sites. More and more are moving that direction. Even sites that let you browse freely may have flash or side deals that you can see only by logging in. Yugster is one, for example.

It's the new marketing thing. It gives them a potential email list unless you remember to opt out of it.

I'm not a big fan of it but it's a trend that is going to be hard to avoid, I'm afraid. As long as I feel comfortable that it's a reputable site, I'm ok with it. I do my research first:

The one thing that I would ask the community is that on these deals, please comment on the deal or the store, not the poster. We've had some community members recently that have targeted the poster of the deal which really isn't fair. The deal maybe be a good deal even if you happen not to like the store.

End of PSA. Thank you for your time.